1989 D' Oliveira Malvasia Madeira $121

1968 D' Oliveira Bual Madeira $250

1958 D' Oliveira Bual Madeira $371

1969 D' Oliveira Sercial Madeira $207

Please see our Madeira page for more Madeira

We are Bothell's local wine merchant. We specialize in wines from the old world. This includes wines from Lebanon, Portugal, France, and Italy, to name a few. We taste every wine that comes in to our shop to insure that it is worthy of you, our customer. Our wine tasting notes describe the nuances of each wine. There is no guessing about wine scores (we don't have them!), or picking a bottle based solely on it's funky cool wine label because we are here to help you!

Wine is a guilty pleasure that everyone should have the chance to enjoy. Come in and let us take you around the world.

Come find out why people in the Bothell area are drinking old world wines, and learning so much about what kinds of wines they like. We are the largest Kermit Lynch retailer in the state of Washington. We offer daily tawny Port tastings, with featured tastings every Friday and Saturday.

Hours:  Tuesday - Saturday 11AM-ish to 7PM-ish

Welcome to Rain City Wines

***Please be advised that we keep our shop at cellar temperature, if you get cold easily, please dress warm***