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Thirsty Thursday June 16th

June 16th at 4pm to 7pm Three or Four wines that have never been tasted in our shop before. Not your normal Thursday wines but then's not your normal Thursday.Here's what we are thinking...2014 Clos Cibonne Tibouren Rose "Cuvee Tradition" Cotes de Provence - This amazing wine is made...

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Drink Chenin Blanc Day June 17th

June 17th from 4pm to 7pm June 17th is actually a REAL wine drinking holiday where people around the world partake in sipping some bad-ass cold Chenin Blanc and all it has to offer. Now while some think of Chenin Blanc as just another white wine...those who are in the...

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Pre-Fathers Day Tasting June 18th

June 18th from 3pm to 7pm It's time you give Dad a little something back. He paid for college, has picked up your tab a few times. Didn't tell mom about the time he found you in the front yard passed out and most of all...he gave you life. Pretty...

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May 21st...Afternoon Tasting w/ Scacciadiavoli of Montefalco

An Afternoon with Scacciadiavoli of Montefalco Founded in 1884, the Scacciadiavoli (from scacciare – to banish, and diavoli – devils) winery takes its name from an exorcist that lived in a town at the borders of the property who used the wine for his rituals.  It was conceived by Prince Ugo...

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May 19th..aka Thirsty Thursday

Thirsty Thursday, May 19th at 4pm Domaine Yves Cheron Most of you have probably never heard of Yves Cheron but on Thursday...I will open your eyes to something amazing.  Actually...Yves Cheron will open your eyes, I'll just be there to open the bottles and pour the juice into your glass....

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