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    Last week I tasted something new to the Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant portfolio..Domaine Hauvette.  The wines Dominique makes are something of magic.   You know you're drinking something special when you have the juice swishing past your gums & hitting the back of your throat and all you do is smile.  Now for the downside...there is not a lot of this around.  In the new world they would call Domaine Hauvette an "allocated wine" where as in the rest of the world they call it...limited production.  You see, the domaine only makes around 3300 cases of which here in the good old Evergreen state we only received around six cases of each red (two different vintages of the same wine), three cases of her 2013 rosé (current vintage) and four cases of the blanc.  Here's the dirty on the wines.
    I first tasted the 2012 Domaine Hauvette Alpilles Blanc "Jaspe" which at first did not have much on the nose but once it warmed up it started to come around.  A nose of sea salt and light tropical fruit.  The palate was a different story.  High acidity, loads of minerals with a very sharp palate.  More sea salt or saline if you may, yet the acidity was still there and the minerality was pretty intense.  I liked it but honestly...for the shop I think it is a no go.  It's a very complex wine than needs food and some serious thought. Really though...most people will not understand the wine and I just feel it would be a waste of your money.  If you'd like some...let me know asap and I'll see if I can secure a few bottles for ya.  It runs $36 for a 750ml bottle.
    Next up was the 2013 Domaine Hauvette Les Baux de Provence Rose "Petra".  This was a killer rosé.  At only $33 a bottle...this is what I call a serious rose from Provence.  A blend of 70% Cinsault, 15% Syrah 15% Grenache.  A little darker than rust in color.  Don't let the color fool you...this wine means business and to top it off...we took 1/3 of the states allocation!  It was kinda closed up on the nose until you take a sip and then it starts to show you it's core.  Floral notes on the palate with some solid texture and a killer finish.  Bright acidity makes this so food friendly it might become the best part of the meal.  Only 36 bottles came in...I took 12 so far.
    Then I was poured the 2005 Domaine Hauvette Les Baux de Provence Rouge "Cornaline".    A blend of 50% Grenache, 30% Syrah, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon.  The 2005 is very silky soft yet has the tannins to back up a nice steak.  Soft, wet spices with the elegance to back it up.  Wine will age for another 10+ years.  At 11 years old...this is truly a graceful wine from Provence.  This wine has only begun to evolve into what it should be.  Being that the domaine has only been making wine for 28 years now...this is a great example of how a wine should be made for long time cellaring yet still being able to crack open at a young age and enjoy with friends & family.  Only 72 bottles were brought into the state.  This wine sits at $48 per bottle.
    The last wine which I inhaled was the 2008 Domaine Hauvette Les Baux de Provence Rouge "Cornaline".  You know how sometimes people will pour the youngest wine first then the oldest?  Yeah, there's a good reason why the '05 was poured first.  The 2008 is brass, big, rich and ballsy....kinda like Donald Trump yet in this case...you'll all love this corked up juice.  Same blend as the 2005 just with less age on it.  This wine is like a KISS concert in your mouth!  Fireworks going off, it's loud, people are jumping up and down (in this case the wine is jumping out of the glass) and yes...it's heavy!  Things you'll need for this wine...a decanter, a few hours and some serious meat!  Three years makes a HUGE difference. $46 a bottle and again...only 72 bottles were brought into the state.
    So there you have it.  One of the two newest producers added to the KLWM portfolio.  If anyone wants any...please let me know.  These wines from Provence are more scarce than Domaine Tempier Rosé (& less money).  I've already started taken orders for all three.  
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