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    As many of you know...I'm a Champagne whore!  I've never denied the fact that I have no problem cracking a bottle open to have with a nice steak or just to have it with Mac & Cheese out of the box.  To me, Champagne makes the day or night.  I don't open a bottle to impress people, I open a bottle cause I love Champagne and if you don't like it...that's fine.  Just sit there, shut up and drink it.  In no way will your attitude towards this fizzy delight make me unhappy for the fact that I love it.
    Champagne Thierry Triolet is something of a dream and the old vines is something of a serious one!

    The Champagne house of Thierry Triolet is located in the village of Bethon. The vineyards in Bethon are part of the Côtes de Sezanne region of Champagne which begins near the town of Sezanne and extends southward for about 20 miles. Geologically, this narrow band of hills with deep deposits of limestone, is a continuation of the more massive Côtes des Blancs. Traditionally, the Sezanne vineyards have been a source of excellent Chardonnay grapes for the large negociant Champagne houses to the north.

    The Triolets are one of a growing number of families who have begun estate bottling their champagne over the last three decades. They own 11 hectares in and around the village of Bethon and almost all their vineyards are planted to Chardonnay. Thierry Triolet farms in accordance with the principles of sustainability and is certified both as “Level 3” Haute Valeur Envirnmentale and Viticulture Durable en Champagne. He is committed to having low yields and prunes accordingly. The pressing is done slowly at low pressure in a modern bladder press. Fermentations are then carried out in a variety of tanks. No barrels are used in fermentation or aging.

    The Vieilles Vignes is a vintage Champagne produced only in the best years. It is made entirely from Chardonnay and is harvested from two parcels with vines that are between 25 and 60 years old. The Vieilles Vignes typically ages 4 years “sur lie” before disgorgement and evolves in the bottle for years afterwards.

    I know you Champagne nerds are going to love this as much as I do.  I tasted the 2016 this afternoon but opted to get the 2014 for you all.  A little more age will always do better.

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