• Domaine Dujac on Wednesday 9/16

    This week we'll be receiving our allocation of Domaine Dujac.  Now, most of these highly coveted wines are already spoken for but I do have a few bottles left if you'd like a special bottle of REAL Pinot Noir.  Buying a bottle of Dujac is not like picking up a normal bottle of Pinot Noir...These wines are so special and I've known people who've flat-out lied to their spouse, right in front of me just so they could get a bottle or two.  I admit...I might've done some of that in the past but it was well worth it.
    My advise...get them while you can!  These wines only come around once a year and are so allocated it actually drives me nuts!!!  Unlike the other handful of wine shops in the state that are allocated these wines...I don't put them in a special back room and only tell a few people about them.  These wines are made for everyone, not just the 1% folk.  
    Here's what's still lingering around...
    3 - 750ml of 2014 Domaine Dujac Morey Saint-Denis AOC Rouge $94 each NET
    2 - 750ml of 2014 Domaine Dujac Morey Saint-Denis 1er Cru Rouge $174 each NET
    Out of the 24 bottles we were allocated...this is all that's left.  Kinda sucks.  Let me know if you are interested or else Nicole will want to take them home so we can enjoy them.
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