• Domaine Tempier 2018 & 2019 Release!

    2018 & 2019 Release
    Although this year has seemed to be a total shit-show, there are some things we can look forward to...like the release of the current vintages from Domaine Tempier.  This year Tempier lost its jewel of the estate, Lulu. She passed away this year at the young age of 102 and although she is gone, she will never be forgotten.  From her greeting guest, making dinner and her amazing cook books...her and her late husband Lucien worked Domaine Tempier into what it is today...the most magical place in Provence.  Well for me that is.
    Here are the current releases from Tempier.  Please remember that if you want any of these wines...get them now as we tend to sell out pretty fast and I don't want to hear about how you didn't know they came in.

    2019 Domaine Tempier Bandol Blanc

    2018 Domaine Tempier Pour Lulu Classique Bandol Rouge 

    2018 Domaine Tempier La Tourtine Bandol Rouge

    2018 Domaine Tempier La Migoua Bandol Rouge

    We can either ship the wines out to you or you can swing by the shop and pick them up.  Wines will arrive in the shop on Wednesday the 9th of December.

    Hope you're ready for these. 

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