• Guido Porro in Bothell

    February 1st at 3pm
    There are a few of you that know I love Barolo in a big way. Now I'm not trying to make a fashion statement and brag about how Barolo is the only wine I'll drink but if I were on an island and I only had two wines to drink for the rest of my life...Champagne & Barolo would be it. That being said, I've been a pretty huge fan of Guido Porro's wines for around 20 years now. Being that they've been making wine for around 120 years now...I think they know what they're doing.

    Needless to say I was only able to grab four of the wines he makes but I might have something sitting in the cellar to show you all how well these wines will age and not just the Barolo!

    Here's how it's gonna go down.

    2017 Guido Porro Dolcetto d'Alba Vigna l'Pari
    2015 Guido Porro Langhe Nebbiolo “Camilu”
    2012 Guido Porro Barolo Gianetto
    2012 Guido Porro Barolo Vigna Santa Caterina
    Plus...a cellared bottle of Barolo
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