• Port Tasting Part I

    January 4th 2020 at 3pm till 6pm

    Last year I was only able to conduct one Port tasting therefore I'll be rolling a few more this year for sure! I pushed Champagne on you all pretty hard as I wanted to show you all that the bubbly can be for any meal, anytime and any place.

    People...this is the year of Port! I'll be having several Port tastings throughout the year. I always have people tell me the "hate" Port and that it's too sweet. I chalk this up to all that swill and hooch people used to drink back in college and in their younger adult drinking days.

    This Saturday will be Port Part I

    We're gonna get our feet wet. Tread the water a bit, maybe use some water wings or a noodle to float in the shallows. I want everyone to just enjoy and taste this lovely fortified wine. See what you think? Taste a few and talk about it. That's it. Once we get to Part 3 or 4...that's when we really get serious and take the Rabelo down the river!


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