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    This Friday you are in for a treat. I'll be pouring wines that I drink at home when I just want some wine to go with whatever we are making or while watching Start Trek. Yes...I'm a Trekkie! Most days I'm tasting wines for the shop and by the time i get home I'm either tired of tasting or just want something that goes with whatever we are having for dinner. Here are the wines I've been keeping around the house for a few months now.

    2018 Triennes Rosé - Mostly Cinsault with a few other little grapes you might know. Notes of strawberries with a floral hint and a touch of vanilla. I picked up an extra case since it was on sale..oh, I picked up one for the shop as well.

    2017 Colpaola Verdicchio de Matelica - 100% Verdicchio, this medium-bodied wine is pretty powerful on the nose with floral notes. Great for seafood in which the wife loves but I've been using the air fryer for breaded rock fish. So good!!

    2015 Chateau Andriet Bordeaux Supérieur - This merlot-based Bordeaux with a touch of Cab on the end has loads of fruit with a light amount of tannins. Love the fruit so much that the second glass goes down so easy I usually have a third...until I realized my better half has been taken by the Bordeaux as well. I guess it's good.

    2016 Chateau Du Pin - Chateau du Pin is a deeply opaque blackish-red color with a dense core going out into a saturated pinkish-red rim definition with medium-high viscosity. This wine comes out of the glass firing on all cylinders with a plethora of crushed black fruits, attractive notes of black cherries, blueberries, loganberries, minty freshness, oak references, mocha and milk chocolate. The shop has been in business for 10 years now and Du Pin has been on the shelf just as long.

    2017 Ca' Gialla Langhe Nebbiolo - Cherry and licorice balanced by acid and tannin, earthy and dry. Hint of tar. Good to pair with a variety of meals. Something to sip while waiting for your Barolo and Barbaresco to mature. I like to think of this as a baby Barolo for $15! I first discovered this wine mid-2019 but it has moved into my daily drinking wine rotation.

    There they are people. If you've ever wanted to drink like a wine merchant...here they are. I mean minus the drooling and crawling into the bathroom at midnight and sleeping on the floor. All my daily drinkers are $17 or below. Don't let the price fool you...these wines over deliver in ways you cannot believe.
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