• The Fire of Main Street

    On the same day my daughter turned one month old we lost something that we hold dear to our hearts...part of Main Street in Bothell.  I was called at 3:30am by a customer who said Main Street was on fire and I should get down to the shop.  By 3:45am I was down there and saw something that made me want to throw up.  Main Street was on fire and it was going up fast.
    By the time the smoke had cleared...two buildings were gone, nine businesses were a complete loss, 6+ businesses were affected and that includes Rain City Wines.  The fire dept, police, 911 and all support staff saved our building and all of Main Street.
    As of right now, it looks like Rain City Wines will be shut down for at least a week.  We've lost power & internet yet gained faith that even though there was a major loss to our community, we will rebuild and we will support everyone.
    I'll update soon.  For now, support any way you can. Donations, working space or just a friendly hello.  Main Street has a tough road ahead but you know what?  This will only make us stronger and we will come out on top.
    We are Bothell!
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