• We Go To 11 Tasting on 12/14

    Tasting starts at 2pm and is Free!
    For the first time in Bothell's history the wine shop is doing something so crazy it should be on the local news It won't be cause we're not new-hungry kinda people but what we are doing is insane. Most wine shops around this year will have a special sale to sale thanks and give you 10% off on certain items in the shop. We're going one better than those so-called shops...we're going to...11% off everything in the store except Cristal. sorry...I don't make 11% on it so...nope.

    Also..I'll be cracking 5 bottles of wine to taste throughout the day. From daily drinkers to a balls-out big boys.

    Here's what I'm thinking about popping. I'm sure there will be others as the day goes a long.

    2018 Unlitro Toscano Rosso
    Malvira Birbet Brachetto NV
    2015 Chateau Andriet Bordeaux Supérieur
    2013 Clos Chanteduc Cotes du Rhone Rouge
    2015 Les Pallieres Terrasse du Diable

    So come all far and wide...and help us take it to...eleven! We'll also be playing Spinal Tap the movie all day long!
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