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  • March Daily Drinking White Wine Club

    For the month March I was thinking of strews and ham.  I mean Easter is just around the corner so why not some wines that will go with the big old salty slab?
    2013 Alandra White Wine - This is a blend of Antão Vaz, Aristo & Perrum.  Yeah...got that?  Nice floral and fruit notes on the nose.  On the palate this thing is crisp, refreshing with notes of citrus and pure fruit.  At only $8 a bottle...I was knocked to the floor at how good this little white wine from Portugal could be.  These are the kinda wines I love.  Cheap yet delivers like a high-end escort! ($8)
    2011 Chateau Coupe Roses Champ du Roy de Blanc - The "Champ du Roy," or field of the kin, takes its name from Coupe Rose's 3.7 acre parcel of Viognier. This wine is a blend of Grenache Blanc and Marsanne for body and richness; Viognier for acid and perfume; and a touch of Muscat for exotic aromatics. These grapes were harvested by hand from very low-yielding mountain vineyards, making for a deliciously full yet fresh wine. Cotes du Brian is a zone named after a rugged river valley near Coupe Roses, a leading domaine in the Languedoc appellation of Minervois. Now it may be that I'm still hungry from lunch but I think this wine would go great with chicken & dumplings! ($16)
    2012 Le Rote Vernaccia di San GimignanoVernaccia di San Gimignano has the honor of being Italia’s first ever D.O.C. wine (1966), promoted in 1993 to D.O.C.G. This wine is a bright, exciting, floral delight with cleansing citrus and a lush body. Made by the Scotti family, this is the best Vernaccia we have come across in years. Why? These 35 year-old vines pack loads of Old World minerality into every sip.  Again...salty ham is what this wine craves to be paired with! ($15)
  • March Red Wine Monthly Club

    For this months red wine club I was thinking of how cold and rainy it's been.  I mean really...when will it let up?  We pay our dues!  We deal with the corrupt city politics, have to listen to the media blasting all day plus the rain and cold?  Well these wines will make all that go away.  If the wine doesn't help...you're doing it wrong.
    2013 Clos La Coutale CahorsThe Clos La Coutale, a 60 hectares estate spreads over a stretch of land on the alluvial floor of the valley amid the meanders of the river Lot. Its soil is particulary suitable for vines, for it contains gravels, silicates and limestone clays. Because of the lie of the land, facing south-west, the estate is sheltered from the cold winds that blow from the ”Causse” region (an upland plateau), and consequently it enjoys a micro-climate which ensures that the vines and their fruit ripen fully early in the season. The vine-plants belong to the two types that are traditionnaly used in the making of the Cahors wine : COT or MALBEC. This is the basic vin-plant, 80%. Its round grapes, their thick skin, rich in coloring matter and in tanin, lend character to this laying-down wine. Merlot. Up to 20%, it tones down the youthful hardness of Cahors wine, and it improves the bouquet. Meat!  You want meat with this! ($15)
    2012 Domaine Catherine Le Goeuil 'Cariante' Cotes du Rhone Villages -   51% Grenache, 35% Syrah/Mourvèdre, 14% Carignan/Counoise.  You have to taste this wine to believe it!  We tasted this wine one weekend and people were blown away by it.  It's to a normal CDR red wine by all means.  It's gonna make you think about what your drinking.  Matter fact, some might even have a hard time staying on point with this one.  It's pretty complex and has massive depth.  The wine has prime rib written all over it!  It's a serious wine than you really need to pay attention to.  Give her a few hours in the decanter if you really want to understand her.  She needs it.  ($25)
    2009 Villa di Geggiano Chianti Classico Riserva - This sucker is 97% Sangiovese with only 3% Cabernet Sauvignon.  Rich, dark fruit with loads of spices and elegant tannins.  This is a serious Chianti for someone who wants a textbook wine.  You'll wanna let it sit open for a few hours as it needs to open up a bit.  Trust me...with the air it will open up and show you her true colors.  Not a little daily Chianti! You might want to call Uber after you're done with this wine...your mind will ever look at Chianti the same.  Don't let the power of the wine scare you.  I'd still go with a traditional pasta in a red sauce but maybe add some Périgord black truffle to bring out the earthiness of the wine. ($35)
  • March Daily Drinking Red Wine Club Wines

    March is here and so are the wines for your monthly club.  This month we've picked out some real winners and I don't mind saying that I might even join the club because of the wines I picked.
    2014 Chateau du Pin BordeauxA blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon with very little if any oak influence, this is a delightfully French red wine in the very best of ways. More floral and herby in the nose with some deep plum and crunchy berry fruit. Plenty of texture on the palate, deep but far from heavy the gentle and elegant floral notes ride along the sides of the palate and the fruit asserts itself on the clean but ultra-fresh finish. The kind of wine you can pop the cork on, sip without food but has plenty of stuffing to make it a pretty broadly agreeable for a wide array of dishes. Finding a red this friendly for this price is rare, finding a Bordeaux this friendly and at this price, nearly unheard of. As it says above...with or without food.
    2013 Chateau La Grave Cahors - Old-world Malbec from its ancestral terroir, a soft, red-fruit wine with delicious raspberry and red cherry, dry brambly tannins and dark-fruit undercurrents, savory notes and a touch of earth. Dangerously easy to drink.  100% Malbec.  Vines are around 20-25 years old.  I'm really thinking this wine could overtake another Cahors in the shop but I'm hoping it does not!  This wine IS a daily drinker while the other one can be considered a "daily" but I'd like to see it more of a serious lay down kinda wine.  Both wines are made but the same person so they both have the quality in them.  I'll let you try to figure out the "other" Cahors I'm talking about.
    2012 Chateau Les Reuilles Bordeaux -  While the tannins are still powerful and dense, the wine has rich berry fruits and juicy acidity that give freshness. It’s ripe, well balanced, and full bodied, with a dark, concentrated character at the end. A blend of 65% Merlot & 35% Cab Sauv.  Goes great with some French cheese and roasted meat. 
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