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  • August 2021 Champagne Club Release

    As many of you know...I'm a Champagne whore!  I've never denied the fact that I have no problem cracking a bottle open to have with a nice steak or just to have it with Mac & Cheese out of the box.  To me, Champagne makes the day or night.  I don't open a bottle to impress people, I open a bottle cause I love Champagne and if you don't like it...that's fine.  Just sit there, shut up and drink it.  In no way will your attitude towards this fizzy delight make me unhappy for the fact that I love it.
    Champagne Thierry Triolet is something of a dream and the old vines is something of a serious one!

    The Champagne house of Thierry Triolet is located in the village of Bethon. The vineyards in Bethon are part of the Côtes de Sezanne region of Champagne which begins near the town of Sezanne and extends southward for about 20 miles. Geologically, this narrow band of hills with deep deposits of limestone, is a continuation of the more massive Côtes des Blancs. Traditionally, the Sezanne vineyards have been a source of excellent Chardonnay grapes for the large negociant Champagne houses to the north.

    The Triolets are one of a growing number of families who have begun estate bottling their champagne over the last three decades. They own 11 hectares in and around the village of Bethon and almost all their vineyards are planted to Chardonnay. Thierry Triolet farms in accordance with the principles of sustainability and is certified both as “Level 3” Haute Valeur Envirnmentale and Viticulture Durable en Champagne. He is committed to having low yields and prunes accordingly. The pressing is done slowly at low pressure in a modern bladder press. Fermentations are then carried out in a variety of tanks. No barrels are used in fermentation or aging.

    The Vieilles Vignes is a vintage Champagne produced only in the best years. It is made entirely from Chardonnay and is harvested from two parcels with vines that are between 25 and 60 years old. The Vieilles Vignes typically ages 4 years “sur lie” before disgorgement and evolves in the bottle for years afterwards.

    I know you Champagne nerds are going to love this as much as I do.  I tasted the 2016 this afternoon but opted to get the 2014 for you all.  A little more age will always do better.

  • August 2021 Rosé Club Wine

    Well folks do I have a treat for you this month.  On a side note, I'm sitting outside in my inner front courtyard and man do I need to clean the roof and gutters!  Pine needs are collection like my roof is going all natural...kinda like this little rosé...naturally awesome!
    Here are the notes from Anthony Lynch-
    They say great wine is evocative of place. With Tempier rosé, all it takes is one sniff to be carried back to Provence, conceiving a dreamy fantasy of sunshine and ice-cold pink wine. Suddenly we are in the shade of a massive umbrella pine tree at Domaine Tempier, refreshed by a soothing breeze and generous sips of rosé. The cigales chirp buzzingly in the background, while the sound of laughter complements their constant hum. Your glass of Bandol, evocative of rosemary, ripe peaches, and citrus, is the perfect elixir to wash down the assortment of snacks that has spontaneously materialized: garlic-rubbed toasts with cured anchovies, olives marinated in herb-infused oil, and slices of salty saucisson. This is what Tempier rosé is all about—celebration, gaiety, and delicious simplicity.
    I was able to crack a bottle and my only bottle of 2020 rosé a week or so ago while getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.  I grilled up some filets and steamed up some brown rice while I was letting the bugs suck my blood out.  Funny thing is...while the DDT I sprayed on me was doing its job...I didn't mind the buzzing sounds of bugs buzzing my ears as the rosé was doing it's job.  
    The major benefit of being part of the rosé club is when I can secure and hold bottles like this for you all.  I mean let's face it...any wine shop that doesn't secure and hold one of the most sought after rosé in the world for the club that is all about rosé, is just stupid.  Enjoy this with whatever you want or hold it for a few years.  I'm glad I opened it as it was great and pleasure to drink out in the woods.
  • July 2021 Champagne Club Release


    This is 100% Chardonnay from Chouilly and Cuis, from vines planted in 1964. It's composed of a blend of Grand Cru and Premier Cru. A delicate and feminine Champagne that has fine bubbles with a creamy mouth feel. This cuvée is perfect for connoisseurs. It's a Champagne of thirst, perfect for apéritif and with fish, thanks to its lemony taste. We like the fresh finish that it leaves.

    Stéphane Coquillette is a fourth-generation winemaker in Champagne. His father, Christian, has been running the Saint Chamant Champagne house since 1950, and he lovingly sent his son out to start his own estate when Stéphane was 25. Though mentored by his father, Stéphane developed a very different style of expression at his own house, creating leaner, drier Champagnes, primarily from Chouilly (Grand Cru), Cuis (1er Cru 99%) for Chardonnay, and d’Aÿ (Grand Cru) and Mareuil/Aÿ (1er Cru 99%) for Pinot Noir.Meticulously committed to organic practices, Stéphane avoids herbicides at all costs. Everything is done by hand, including trellising and pruning, which helps avoid disease and allows for a healthy crop. With more than 10 different parcels, he produces several single-vintage and single-vineyard Champagnes — a rarity in this region — and all his wines are small-production. Stéphane Coquillette Champagnes are characteristically precise, fresh and lively.

    A robust and dramatic chardonnay Champagne carrying the essence of limestone through a long finish, this has a bold complexity that doesn’t let up. A hint of apple skin tannin lends it grip, emphasizing the austere, dry style of the wine. Suited to several years in the cellar.


  • Arpepe Riserva is in!

    Arpepe Riserva wines have landed!
  • Spanish Wines You Need To Drink!

    Wines from Casa Ventura Imports with Basilio Rodriguez & Katie
    On Friday Katie came in with Basilio from Casa Ventura Imports...wines from Spain.  They were on point!  We have the Marques de la Concordia Brut Rosé Nature in the shop...love it.
    Here are the rest that will be coming in on Thursday the 3rd. 

    2018 Bodegas Edetaria "Via Terra" Garnacha Blanca Terra Alta Catalonia $16

    Notes:  Yellow, straw-colored, clean and bright. Fresh fruit, specially bouquet of apricot, melon, pear on syrup and cinnamon. Strong mouth entrance with a big fruit explosion. In the mouth is sweet-toothed. Highly fresh, very integrated acidity and a very especial end that brings up to the mouth a long and persistent finish.

    Excellent with seafood, alive oysters, grilled prawns, as well as rice and grilled fish.

    2019 Finca os Cabatos Godello $19

    Notes:  A highly aromatic wine showing zesty citrus aromas combined with ripe stone fruits, a mineral sensation and hint of white pepper. Dry with a refreshing crisp palate of pineapple, tropical fruits and a delicious, dry, citrus finish.

     2018 Finca Torremilanos Monte Castrillo Rosado $16

    Notes:  This rosé shows the color and structure of a light red, delivering cherry, leafy, ginger and earthy flavors, backed by firm acidity and light, firm tannins. Old-school and made for food.

    2019 Bodegas Edetaria Via Terra Negra Garnatxa $17

    Notes:  Via Terra Garnacha is a medium body red wine, with great minerality and pleasant red fruit flavors running from strawberries to red currants to sweet cranberries.

    2018 Finca os Cabatos Mencia $15

    Notes:  One of the oldest vineyards in the area, the estate is planted to the regions signature varieties: Godello for white and Mencía for red. This wine shines with the grape's signature freshness and tell-tale herbaceous hints. This Mencía is softer than those from Bierzo; it has juicy acidity and a light frame--almost reminiscent of Beaujolais. The nose shows strawberry, red fruit, and forest.

    2016 Finca Torremilanos Torrre Albeniz Reserva $37

    Notes:  The 2016 Torremilanos Reserva combines the signature perfume notes of the Ribera de Duero region with the structure and minerality from 86 years old vines in Finca Torremilanos. Notes of plums and ripe red fruits in the nose of this rich Tempranillo. The palate is full-bodied with abundant fine-grained tannins and a velvety juicy texture.


    As I said, all wines will be in the shop as of Thursday the 3rd!

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