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  • Trimbach Tasting without Ann Trimbach on 2/6 at 4pm

    We got word today that Anne will not be able to make it over as she never left France and has the flu. We've all been there and at first I cried while hitting the steering wheel of my classic rover. Once AAA came by and town me homes cause I knocked something lose...I decided...we can still have the tasting, Anne just won't be here. So that's what we'll do. I say...we prank call her at the tasting but that's just me.

    Here's what we'll be pouring Thursday night.

    2018 Trimbach Pinot Blanc
    2017 Trimbach Riesling
    2011 Trimbach Riesling "Cuvée Fréderic Emile"
    2011 Trimbach Gewurztraminer "Cuvée des Seigneurs de Ribeaupierre"
    2016 Trimbach Pinot Noir "Reserve"
  • Guido Porro in Bothell

    February 1st at 3pm
    There are a few of you that know I love Barolo in a big way. Now I'm not trying to make a fashion statement and brag about how Barolo is the only wine I'll drink but if I were on an island and I only had two wines to drink for the rest of my life...Champagne & Barolo would be it. That being said, I've been a pretty huge fan of Guido Porro's wines for around 20 years now. Being that they've been making wine for around 120 years now...I think they know what they're doing.

    Needless to say I was only able to grab four of the wines he makes but I might have something sitting in the cellar to show you all how well these wines will age and not just the Barolo!

    Here's how it's gonna go down.

    2017 Guido Porro Dolcetto d'Alba Vigna l'Pari
    2015 Guido Porro Langhe Nebbiolo “Camilu”
    2012 Guido Porro Barolo Gianetto
    2012 Guido Porro Barolo Vigna Santa Caterina
    Plus...a cellared bottle of Barolo
  • Burgers & Bordeaux w/ Katie

    Friday the 31st at 4pm
    I know it's not summer yet let alone Spring but I've been craving some burgers lately and since we just got back from Texas...I'm still on my meat diet. When eating burger and wine you never use a fancy wine glass. It's more about the burger but since I'm not grilling burger for everyone, this tasting will be more about the wine and what you can serve up with said burgers.

    So now for...Burgers & Bordeaux

    2018 Château Darzac, Entre deux Mers Blanc - A crisp and tangy wine from Vignobles Claude Barthe, this is bright with acidity. The lively character is balanced by a touch of citrus that brightens everything.

    2017 Château Roc de Levraut - From the broad Bordeaux Supérieur appellation, with aromas and tastes of ripe blackberry, tart cherry, and leather, plus a touch of dark chocolate on the finish.

    2016 Château Barateau Haut-Medoc - This well-structured wine has an almost equal proportion of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. It is balanced, with tannins that will soften as the wine matures. A fresh aftertaste along with the tannins promise good aging.

    2016 Chateau Bourbon La Chapelle - This wine is a selection from the Castera estate. The high proportion of Cabernet Sauvignon gives it black-currant fruits and fine tannins. Rich and still young, the wine will age well and should be drunk from 2022

    2016 Chateau Haut Peyrillat - Harmonious, powerful, hints of cooked fruit, hints of vanilla, hints of toasted coffee, round tannins, structured body, good intensity, long length.

    Turn on the grill...it's burger time. I suggest an 80/20 blend for the meat.
  • Chateau La Roque Pic Saint Loup!

    January 25th at 3pm
    The one region in the shop that I'm always trying to improve on is Languedoc-Roussillon. I only have a few wines from the region and for some reason I never seem to get tasted on wines from that region as much as I'd like so when I found out that there was a collection of wines in stock from Chateau La Roque, I jumped on the wagon. Fun fact...La Roque has been around since 1259! Since that time the estate has changed ownership several times.

    Thirty-two of the Château’s eighty hectares are consecrated to terraced vineyard land with south-southeast sun exposure, on clay and limestone soils. This is unique terroir. Garrigue, the aromatic scrub brush that dominates the landscapes of the South, asserts its presence among these vines. Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvèdre, the noble varietals that Jack Boutin planted here years ago, make up the reds. The whites include Viognier, Rolle, Grenache Blanc, Roussane and Marsanne. In the wise words of KLWM salesperson and legend, Michael Butler, “Lay down a few cases of history.”

    Here are the wines we'll be diving into...

    2017 Chateau La Roque Coteaux du Languedoc Blanc
    2016 Chateau La Roque Pic Saint Loup Cuvee de Mourvedre
    2018 Chateau La Roque Pic Saint Loup Rose
    2017 Chateau La Roque Pic Saint Loup Rouge
    NV Chateau La Roque Vin de Pays Cuvee de Mourvedre

    I love producers that make white wines that can age!!
  • Andre et Michel Quenard of Savoie w/ Morgan

    January 24th at 4pm
    André & Michel Quenard started producing wine in one of the best years possible...my birth year, 1976. The awesome thing about Quenard is that most of you have never heard of them and most of you have never tried any of their wines. Located in Savoie which is so close to the Swiss Alps. Well that's pretty much all you get. No, but really...Quenard are growing grapes like Jacquère, Altesse, Roussanne, Pinot Noir, Gamay and 70 year old Mondeuse grapes.

    Despite the domaine’s proximity to the Alps, the vineyards enjoy a surprisingly warm microclimate with southern sun exposure. Fig and olive trees are also found among the vines, unusual for such a snowy region. There are sixteen crus in the Vin de Savoie designation, and each commune is known for a different grape varietal. Michel’s vineyards are planted to some of the region’s best known: Bergeron, Jacquère, Mondeuse, Altesse, and Pinot Noir. Michel bottles eight different cuvées, seven of which are still, and the other a sparkling Vin de Savoie Brut, which is made in the méthode champenoise. The minerality of Michel’s vineyards expresses an alpine freshness and liveliness in his wines. His cuvées go beyond the simple “eclectic” that categorizes wines from the region; whether they are quaffed or savored, they are all unique revelations that reflect the complexity of their terroir and the fine artistry of this master vigneron.

    Here's what Morgan will be dazzling us with...

    2018 Quenard Savoie Blanc Les Abymes
    2018 Quenard Savoie Chignin Gamay
    2018 Quenard Savoie Chignin Mondeuse Vielles Vignes
    2017 Quenard Savoie Chignin Blanc Vielles Vignes
    NV Quenard Savoie Chignin-Bergeron

    As you can see...Morgan is gonna make you and your palate think a bit.
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