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  • Paolo Scavino Tasting!!!

    Saturday the 7th at 4pm
    he 2015 vintage in Barolo is one for the books. Being that we are getting our Pre-ordered Scavino in this Thursday, I figured...let's just have a tasting on Saturday as well. Now that we are into the fall season (even though it doesn't act like it) I think it's time we start to focus on the basics. During the spring time and summer we all run around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to cram as much rosé into our bodies. Time to relax a bit. Rosé is still around and will be all year long since I tend to buy it and hold onto it for the holidays.'s Barolo time.

    With the '15 vintage being what it is, I wanted to make sure all of you had a chance to taste a few of the Scavino Barolo's before they are gone and they will be gone soon! Trust me!! All I can say is...if you like them! Here's what Owen and I will be pouring for you peeps...

    2018 Scavino Bianco Sorriso - A blend of Chardonnay (40%), Sauvignon blanc (40%) and Viognier (20%). Fragrant aromatics, crisp acidity and energizing texture. Perfect for by the glass. Vinification and aging in stainless steel. No malolactic fermentation.

    2018 Scavino Dolcetto d'Alba - A juicy, black cherry—infused red. Vibrant and firm, with hints of chocolate and earth adding depth. Shows fine length and purity.

    2018 Scavino Barbera d'Alba - 100% Barbera from Bricco Manescotto vineyard in the village of La Morra. The high elevation, eastern exposure and well-drained soil of this vineyard enhance the elegant side of this wine. Vinification and aging in stainless steel.

    2015 Scavino Barolo - This Barolo represents the history and tradition of blending different crus of Nebbiolo in order to create a house style. The same care and quality work are employed on this wine as for all of the cru Barolo. Sourced from the top performing plots of 7 single vineyards in the village of Castiglione Falletto (Rocche Moriondino, Vignolo and Pernanno vineyards), Barolo (Albarella, Terlo and Vignane vineyards) and Serralunga d’Alba (San Bernardo vineyard).

    2015 Scavino Barolo Monvigliero - The Grand Cru vineyard of Verduno. First vintage was 2007. Up north in the Barolo region, this vineyard lies in a very special microclimate: warm during the day and cool at night thanks to the fresh air currents from the Tanaro river. Very elegant and focused with nice tension.

    2003 Scavino Barolo Bricco Ambrogio - The most important vineyard in the village of Roddi. The Bricco Ambrogio vineyard sits at 275 meters above sea level and faces south, southeast, with vines planted to soils of marl and limestone. Made for the first time in 2002 and nearly a monopole. Perfumed, generous in its expression and soft texture.
  • 2015 Paolo Scavino Barolo Pre-Order


    It’s easy to assume that ’15 was a year that will remind us of the other warmer vintages lately like ’03, ’07, and/or ’11, and while there is ripeness there, we were pleasantly surprised earlier this year with freshness and elegance the wines had in their youth. Yes, the Langhe saw warmer weather than the ten-year average from April through August, but the months of September and October were much cooler than the 10 year average, and throughout the growing season the nights cooled off nicely allowing the vines to recoup from any added stress. Canopy management was as important as ever in 2015, and the producers like Scavino that didn’t run around pulling leaves throughout the summer saw great benefit.

    There hasn’t been much to complain about at Scavino in recent memory as the family seems to be on quite a roll right now, firmly establishing themselves as one of the premier estates in one of the 2-3 greatest places on earth to grow red grapes. Enrico Scavino is quite a legend, having worked their vineyards since 1951 when he was 10 years old, and he was one of the first to bottle a cru Barolo on its own when he convinced his father to bottle the 1978 Bric del Fiasc separately from the ‘classic’ Barolo that had been the norm. Today he’s in his late 70’s, still active as could be, and he’s allowed his daughters Elisa and Enrica to take over and begin to put their stamp on what the next generation will bring to Scavino. We’re very excited to be a part of their future.

    There are 2 exciting new crus that became part of the Scavino family with the 2015 release, the first being Prapò in Serralunga, an 8ha site that you only see used by 5-6 wineries. The site has a wonderful east exposure at 270-380 meters of elevation, and the wines are known for being quite long-lived. Secondly, we get to sell and drink a little Ravera this year from the historic cru that mainly lies in Novello, which we may all know a bit better due to the great wines of Elvio Cogno. The site is known for being austere and challenging in its youth, but we saw that the ’15 vintage allowed this site to shine with a bit more elegance and forward fruit, still having the concentration and depth to gracefully age for decades as this site annually demonstrates.

    Another piece of news to consider here is that Scavino lost their long-term leased piece of the prized Cannubi after the 2018 vintage, so the Cannubi and Carobric wines are sadly nearing the finish lines of their illustrious careers. We’ve enjoyed Carobric since 1996, but it’s hard to make that wine if the “Ca” part of the name disappears from the equation. “Robric” doesn’t have the same ring. The Scavino clan has been working vines planted in 1946 in Cannubi since 1985, and it’s going to be very sad when we don’t have that wine to offer any longer. Take advantage of the end of these 2 eras as much as you can with this offer.

    We’ve included a few of the other wines in the presell offer as well, and there is a page with Parker and Suckling scores attached as well. Please get your requests back to me by the end of the day on July 31st.

    All Cru Baroli are in wooden six packs. All other wines are in 12pk cases.

    2015 Scavino Barolo

    2015 Scavino Barolo Cannubi

    2015 Scavino Barolo Monvigliero

    2015 Scavino Barolo Ravera

    2015 Scavino Barolo Prapo

    2015 Scavino Barolo Bricco Ambrogio

    2013 Scavino Barolo Riserva Rocche dell'Annunziata

    2015 Scavino Barolo Bric del Fiasc

    I need all your totals by the 31st of July!  If you miss out on this pre-order the polar ice caps will melt even faster and the animals will suffer. requesting these wines, you are in fact saying you want them so if you don't pay up...we'll send our three-year-old out to collect.  Trust don't wanna see her mad!

  • 2015 G.B. Burlotto Pre-Order

    G.B. Burlotto


    For over seventy plus years G.B. Burlotto was considered one of the top winemaker in the world and then he passed away in 1927.  The town of Verduno pretty much took back seat to all the other towns in Barolo.  Now the great-great-grandson Fabio Alessandria has taken over and Burlotto is among the smaller producer in Piedmont.

     When it comes to Barolo... G.B. Burlotto is it!  Normally I'm chasing down these wines and trying to fill a dozen orders with a bottle or two.  This time around after bitching, screaming and throwing a few shoes at people...I guess after telling someone over and over that we can move these wines for you because our customers want these wines...they listened.'s what I can offer you all from the 2015 vintage...

    All wines are in 750ml bottles

    2015 G.B. Burlotto Barolo ‘Acclivi’, Barolo DOCG  $60

    Antonio Galloni 94 points “The 2015 Barolo Acclivi is another stellar wine from Fabio Alessandria and Burlotto and is a blend of fruit from Monvigliero, Rocche dell’ Olmo and Neirane, all in Verduno. Bright, perfumed and silky on the palate, the Acclivi is a jewel of a wine. Floral notes appear in the glass, adding lift, perfume and sensuality. All the elements are in the right place. Today, Burlotto’s Cannubi and Monvigliero have become hard to find, but savvy readers will want to focus on the Acclivi, a wine that offers superb quality for the money. Another few years in bottle should help some of the fruit soften.”

    2015 G.B. Burlotto Barolo DOCG, Piedmont $45

    Antonio Galloni 92 points “Burlotto’s 2015 Barolo is absolutely gorgeous. Pliant and open-knit, the straight Barolo captures all of the natural richness of the vintage. Succulent red cherry, plum, lavender, rose petal, spice and new leather all meld together in a supple, inviting Barolo that will be impossible to resist in its youth. This is such a beautiful and alluring wine. The base of the Burlotto Barolo is built on Breri, which is adjacent to Monvigliero, plus the portions of Rocche dell’ Olmo and Neirane that don’t make it into the Acclivi. This is a positively stellar wine. Don’t miss it.”

    James Suckling 92 points “Very aromatic with sliced strawberries and cherries and hints of tangerines on the nose. Full body. Rich and juicy and a flavorful finish. Drink in 2022.”

    2015 G.B. Burlotto ‘Cannubi’ Barolo DOCG $70

    ‘A rush of dark cherry, plum, hard candy licorice, violet and spice…Powerful and vertical in the glass, the Cannubi simply has it all. I would give the 2015 a good bit of time to shed some of its considerable baby fat. Powerful, dense and packed, the Cannubi is not as showy or seductive as the Monvigliero, but is has so much to offer, especially with a bit of bottle age. What a magnificent wine it is! Drink 2023 – 2055. Antonio Galloni, Feb 19 **I love Galloni's palate, Santo

    2015 G.B. Burlotto Barolo Monvigliero, Barolo DOCG $70

    Antonio Galloni 98 points “The 2015 Barolo Monvigliero is a wine of pure and total seduction. The warm vintage has filled out the wine’s frame beautifully. The interplay of ripe, succulent 2015 fruit and aromatic intensity from the whole clusters yields a positively stunning, breathtaking wine of the very highest level. Once again, Burlotto’s Barolo Monvigliero takes a place among the most compelling wines of the vintage. Readers who can find it should not hesitate!” 

    Please send me your wishlist and I'll be in touch to confirm your order. This is a pre-arrival offer, the wines are due to arrive at the end of July. If you don't have these wines in your cellar...the polar ice caps will melt even faster.  You don't want your kids to know you're the reason why Hollywood is under water do you?  Actually...screw Hollywood and all their crap.  They wouldn't know a good bottle of Barolo if it was dumped down their throats but buy picking up some G.B. will!

    Please let me know what you want by July 26th.  I'll send in our request and head to church and start rubbing those beads and light a candle.


  • 2016 Domaine Jamet Cote-Rotie

    2016 Domaine Jamet Cote-Rotie $160 per 750ml
    Domaine Jamet's Cote-Rotie is always a treat when it comes in.  The allocation for this wine is pretty small so when the twenty-four bottles are brought into the state...I just sit back with a coffee and wait.  It's always a crap shoot to see how many bottles we'll get and who will get them.  This year we were given three bottles of the Cote-Rotie of which...I'm fine with.  If you've never had the chance to have this Syrah flow past your gums, I would highly recommend you pick a bottle up.  Yes, the wine is spendy at $160 per bottle but trust is worth every penny.
    You'll be tasting some Syrah that's between 5-85 year old vines.  Not too shabby if you ask me.  The wine is 100% Syrah but comes from around 16 different locations throughout Cote-Rotie.  With a nose of smoked bacon and hints of floral-action, this is a wine that can sit for more than a decade if need be. Ages in barrel for 22 months then bottled.
    I know that I have a few bottles of the '07 at home and have been thinking about cracking them...I mean after 12 years of laying down...I bet they taste amazing!
  • March 2018 Wine Club Wines

    Champagne Club
    For the month of March I decided that I wanted a Champagne that was a bit different and rare.  Being that the 2009 is only the second vintage they have produced and one of the favorites in the shop.  Notes:  Yellow in colour with glints of light amber. Discreet and extremely fine bubbles. Intense bouquet combining sweet flowers (honeysuckle, broom), yellow fruits (peach) and lightly roasted dried nuts (hazelnut). Evolves towards spicy and citrus notes with a hint of Sancho pepper as well as soft, sweet, ripe notes of chestnut cream. Ample and light on entry to the palate. Ample, thanks to its sweet, creamy, almost spherical texture that seductively wraps around the mouth, coating the palate; light, due to its elegant, saline freshness that «stretches» the wine giving it a smooth, delicate and airy mouthfeel. You will not fail to be charmed by its juicy aromas of sun-drenched fruit that gently caress the palate. An elegant bitterness combined with zesty, spicy and delicate oaky notes linger on the finish. $95
    Red Wine Club
    2014 Moulin de Duhart, Pauillac - Château Duhart-Milon’s second wine is selected on the same basis as the “Grand Vin”. In general, the grapes are from the younger plots in the vineyard. Moulin de Duhart has several characteristics similar to the grand vin, but with less potential for ageing as its barrel ageing period is shorter. It should be consumed younger than its more robust counterpart. The origin of the name comes from the former presence of a windmill on the Carruades plateau, next to the Duhart-Milon vineyard. $43
    2012 San Lorenzo La Gattara Rosso Conero - San Lorenzo Rosso Conero La Gattara is a velvety and deep red, soft and at the same time particularly expressive. Dark ruby ​​red in appearance, the nose expresses deep notes of ripe red fruit embellished with balsamic and spicy tones. A vegetal trace opens to a long, material taste, characterized by a thick and soft tannins. Vibrant, closes on notes of fruit jam, of particular persistence. Throughout the meal, it goes well with rich meat dishes. Try it with a particularly seasoned beef tartare. Excellent on all types of roasts. $32
    Daily Drinking Red Wine Club
    2016 Principato Red Blend - Some might say this is a Bordeaux-type blend being that it's 80% Merlot & 20% Cab Sauv's grown in Italy and taste nothing like a wine from Bordeaux.  It is full-bodied, rich with an elegant finish but its the spices that really get me.  For the price...I love this wine. $13
    2016 Principato Pinot Noir - The grapes are picked at peak maturity and undergo fermentation for 6-8 days under controlled temperatures in small stainless steel vats. The wine then is placed in larger oak barrels, where it rests on its lees until malolactic fermentation has occurred. The wine is refined in tank before bottling and release.  A perfect complement to grilled meats, salmon and turkey. $13
    2016 Domaine de Couron Marselan - Quality aromas and flavors of black currants, wild herbs, loamy earth, tobacco leaf and background meatiness to go with a medium-bodied, nicely balanced profile on the palate. It is quite good and well worth the price of admission. $13
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