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  • Domaine Tempier Release Tasting

    December 7th at 3pm
    Once a year I do this tasting and once a year I get so excited I want to buy all the wines from Domaine Tempier and leave none for anyone else in the area. What I'm trying to say is, Tempier is one of our favorite if not our favorite producer in the shop. The wines can be consumed young but if one has the patience to allow them to sit for a few years, one will be rewarded with a wine that has so much depth and character you'll question your palate.

    Wines made from single vineyards in France's Bandol growing region, these wines are nothing like what most people have ever had. Their rosé has a cult following that will rival any Washington wine and the white wine they make is harvested from a vineyard around 3.5 acres big. Tempier has been making wine since 1834 and is organic (not certified).

    Once the wines are released...they leave the shop faster than most even knew they were in town. Welcome to Domaine Tempier.

    2018 Domaine Tempier Bandol Blanc - Rich, viscous, nervy, and wonderfully lemony, Domaine Tempier has created a southern masterpiece. A freshly grilled fish and a hot summer day know no better companion. 60% Clairette, 18% Ugni Blanc, 19% Bourboulenc, 3% Marsanne.

    2018 Domaine Tempier Bandol Rosé - Shimmering orange. Fresh pit fruit, red berry and floral qualities on the highly perfumed nose, along with suggestions of dusty minerals and orange zest. Juicy, focused and lithe on the palate, offering intense nectarine, red currant, strawberry and candied lavender flavors supported by a spine of juicy acidity. Shows outstanding clarity and mineral cut on a very long, sappy finish that strongly echoes the floral and pit fruit notes.

    2017 Domaine Tempier Bandol Rouge - There is something about the dark, inky Mourvèdre, plus the salty sea air caressing the vines every night, that typifies classic Bandol. This wine is complete, and ready to serve cooled down a touch. 75% Mourvèdre, 14% Grenache, 9% Cinsault, 2% Carignan.

    2017 Domaine Tempier La Tourtine Bandol Rouge - A wonderful synthesis of the terroir’s tremendous complexity,where aromas of squid ink, graphite, and crushed stone are framed by firm tannins. Decant to enjoy now, but it’s marvelous with age.
    Blend: 80% Mourvèdre, 10% Grenache, 10% Cinsault.

    2017 Domaine Tempier La Migoua Bandol Rouge - Its aromas of cassis coo coyly, its voluptuous body enthralls,its explosive notes of crushed limestone dazzle, and its silky tannins leave you reaching for your next pour. 50% Mourvèdre, 20% Grenache, 26% Cinsault, 4% Syrah.

    2017 Domaine Tempier Cabassaou Bandol Rouge - You know why there are no tasting notes for this wine? It's so rare.

    This tasting will be $10 per person unless you are in the wine club. Club member taste for free. Buy 6 bottles or more and get 10% off.
  • Brunello di Montalcino tasting featuring Soldera on 12/6

    December 6th at 4pm
    It's time people...we are saving the best of the best for the last month of the year. While the kid and I were having our morning espresso on the couch, she was watching CNN and I was hooked into another episode of Star Trek, it came to me...we haven't tasted Soldera this year. Then it really hit me...this is the last month of the year...I need to get cracking. I picked up the Brunello phone and Katie answered...."Brunello tasting service, this is Katie" I knew I had dialed the right number.

    For our last Brunello tasting of the year we are digging deep into the ground and pulling up some treasures as well as puling out a bottle of Soldera. Here's the low down on Friday night.

    2014 Campogiovanni Brunello di Montalcino
    2014 Col d’Orcia Brunello di Montalcino
    2012 Poggio Landi Brunello di Montalcino
    2011 Podere Scopetone Brunello di Montalcino
    2013 Podere Scopetone Brunello di Montalcino


    2008 Soldera Toscana IGT (tasting fee of $25 per person)
    ***Please note that when you purchase a bottle of Soldera 2008, the first three people will receive Soldera wine glasses that Gianfraco believed his wine tasted the best in. I only have 6 glasses to give away. Plus there will be special pricing on Soldera during the event only!!! Normally this bottle is $623 a bottle, during the tasting it will be only $485 per 75cl.

    Get ready to have your palate blown!
  • Champagne Tasting Part II on 11/22 at 4pm

    It's time for part II of our Champagne series.  I've invited back the same importers but one or two had other commitments so I had to roll with a new importer in tow but don't think I haven't stepped up the game a bit more for part II of this series.  

    For part II I've tried to pick out Champagne that will enhance that bird on the table that sometimes can be a bit dry.  Every once in a while you'll head to someones house and the turkey on the table is dryer than saw dust so what can you do to make it a little more juicer...sip on some Champagne and move to the yams and stuffing!  

    As always with my special tastings, if you're in one of our wine clubs...you taste for free and you'll get 15% off all your Champagnes we are tasting that night.  Just our way of saying thank you for putting up with my babble all year long.  Again we will have a plethora of Champagne in the shop!

    Here's what we'll be popping!!!

    Champagne J. Lassalle Brut Brut “Cuvee Preference” 1er

    Champagne J. Lassalle Rose Brut "Cuvee Speciale" 1er 

    Champagne Boizel Brut Reserve 

    Champagne Copinet Brut Blanc de Blancs 

    Champagne Dosnon & Lepage Brut Recolte Rosé 

    Champagne Drappier Rosé Nature Pinot Noir Zero Dosage 

    Champagne Pierre Trichet Premier Cru Brut L'Héritage Blanc de Blancs

    Champagne Pierre Trichet Premier Cru Brut Le Caractère Blanc de Noirs

    Champagne Pierre Trichet Brut Rosé L'Authentique 

    Champagne André Jacquart Blanc de Blancs

  • November 2019 Wine Club Wines

    Champagne Wine Club 
    For the month of November I really wanted to put a rosé on the table.  Many of you will be either stuffing a bird or doing some kind of red meat and although most do not think of Champagne with red meat...I do!  Now if you are doing up prime rib, a nice filet or just a rack of beef ribs...Champagne pairs perfectly and when you toss a rosé into the mix...it gets real.
    Champagne Besserat de Bellefon Cuvee des Moines Brut Rosé $71 
    1930 was a historic turning point for Besserat de Bellefon, which was soon to become legendary. Victor Besserat took up the challenge laid down by the Director of a distinguished Parisian restaurant, the Samaritaine de Luxe, and crafted a delicate and lightly sparkling Champagne as a perfect accompaniment to an entire meal. This marked the birth of a range which is now called the Cuvée des Moines in tribute to the Benedictine monks who first mastered the techniques of fermenting Champagne. This creamy flavored Champagne, specifically designed for fine dining, was complemented by a rosé version in 1972 to the very great pleasure of all those who appreciate variety in food and wine pairing.  
    The color is a soft pink with salmon highlights. The nose is generous, intense, and refined, with very marked notes of wild strawberry. As the wine opens up, there are notes of lime and hawthorn blossom. Initial impact is slightly acid, then red fruits are back to the fore with blackcurrants and redcurrants. The finish is delectable and delicately spiced.
    Red Wine Club $75 per month
    I was lucky enough to taste with the owners of Bodegas Calar a few weeks ago so this wine has been stuck in my head.  I bought just enough to have a few in the shop but mostly to cover the wine club members.  The 2015 Abrego de Calar is 100% Tempranillo from gentler slopes, with yields restricted to two kilos per vine. Polished fruit and minerality lead to a plush and gracious yet mouthwatering flavor and finish.  Finca Montanchuelos is a historic estate located at the southern extreme of La Mancha in the volcanic sub region of Calatrava. ($25)
    Most of you have never had a bottle of Gran Selezione from Chianti.  This is they're latest attempt at making the DOCG system more confusing with Selezione at the top of the pyramid.  We are five years into this new classification and I can say I like it although I was kicking and screaming when it came out in 2014.  All the grapes have to be estate grown or...grown for a producer and you have to have a lease with the grower.  This kinda slaps the bulk producers out of the game...in theory.  
    The 2013 Castello di Bossi Chianti Classico Gran Selezione is deep ruby in color with garnet lights that hint at the wine's extended barrel aging, Castello di Bossi Gran Selezione is explosive in its intensity and yet the wine manages an astounding complexity and finesse. Aromas of rich black cherry and plum integrate well with cedar, sweet cooking spices, chocolate and saddle leather. On the palate the wine is fleshy and dense. The finish achieves great balance and very pronounced length. This is a wine that will age with grace for many years. ($50)
    Daily Drinking Red Wine Club $39 per month
    The daily wines are upon us and the wine gods have smiled upon you all.  The 2013 Domaine Giacometti Patrimonio Rouge “Cru des Agriate” is a monster.  I was able to pick up about 10 cases and we went through so I had to get some more.  This is a blend of 97% Niellucciu, 3% Grenache from 10-45 year old vines.  This spicy little beast is right up your alley.  
    The 2013 Clos Chanteduc Cotes du Rhone usually sitting on the shelf for around $20 a bottle but it typical form I decided to buy every bottles they had left...all 108 bottles they had left.  Lots of red berry-fruit with some solid forest floor-action going on.  If you're having game...this wine won't let you down.  If you're having BBQ...get ready to hold on tight and enjoy.  If you're having tofu...I'm sorry.
    I have one more wine to add...
  • Fall Champagne Tasting Part I

    Friday the 18th at 4pm till 7pm
    $25 per person
    Wine Club members taste for free and get 15% off!
    Well people...it's officially Fall in the Seattle area. The leaves are turning, it's getting darker out, pumpkin spice lattes fill the air and here in the wine shop...we've been planning our first Champagne tasting of the season. 5 importers and 10 different producers. Now there will be a $25 per person tasting fee unless you're in one of our wine clubs. Wine club members taste for free and get 15% off the night of the tastings. It pays to be in one of the clubs. Maybe you'll sign up and save some money?

    Here are the Champagnes we'll be tastings...

    Champagne Bernard Gaucher Brut NV
    Champagne Tribaut Brut Origine NV
    Champagne Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose
    Champagne Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve
    Champagne Laurent Perrier Brut La Cuvée NV
    Champagne Besserat de Bellefon Brut Grande Tradition NV
    Champagne Pierre Paillard Brand Cru Rose
    Champagne Louis Roederer Brut Nature 2009
    Champagne Veuve Fourny Brut Grande Reserve 1er
    Champagne Rolan Champion Special Club Grand Cru 2011

    Okay...9 producers but you get the point. Tasting starts at 4pm and ends at 7pm.

    Do you want to partake? Maybe meet a friend here? Skip traffic? Date night? Maybe you'll want to stock up before the tariffs come into play?

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