• June Red Wine Club Wines

    The month of June has been crazy!  Nicole and I are waiting for this kid to come out and you guys are gonna get some crazy-ass good wines!  Check these little betty's out.
    2013 Domaine Jean-Michel Dupre Morgon Beaujolais Vigne de 1935 - As of this year...this wine have vines that were planted in 1935...aka...81 year old vines from the Morgon Cru.  Needless to day...this is not a little wine.  Try it out with some grilled red meat or burgers.  Not all Beaujolais are light and fluffy with that carbonic nose and palate.  Some, like this one are full-bodied, dark and earthy.  Give it some time to decant.  If you treat her like a queen...she'll treat you like a king. ($14)
    2014 Tenuta La Favola Fravolato - This 100% Frappato from Sicily is truly a work of art.  Some of you tried the last vintage we had in the shop and one of you decided that it was good enough for a wedding of over 100 people.  One of the really cool things about this winery...it's ran totally off the grid!  The wine id dedicated to his daughters (don't ask).  Give the wine a slight chill and drink it young (should not be a problem...we're Americans).  Light to medium bodied yet still has a little power in the middle to make you sit back in your seat.  This wine is about elegance and food pairing.  Try it with several dishes and see what fits you best. ($19)
    2007 Iuli Barabba Barbera del Monferrato Superiore - The word 'Barabba' is a play on words for the grape they use in this wine...Barbera.  The only produce 400 cases of this gem per year so when you see it...grab it.  This is a full-belly sit-down kinda wine.  It needs something that has been killed with a spear and cooked over an open flame.  You might even want to grunt really loud to thank the gods for giving you the meat and wine you'll be consuming shortly.  It does need some time to open up so don't pushy and just go right with work on her.  Just like when you went on the first date...you need to wine and dine her before...well you know. ($42)
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