• Saturday the 12th...Latium Morini is in town!

    Saturday March 12th from 3-7pm for Free!
    This Saturday we'll be pouring some killer wines from the Veneto.  I've actually been trying to find a time that was right to taste these wines but things kept coming up.  Then it came to me...Easter!  Why not have these on the Easter dinner table?  I first heard of Morini when I tasted their olive oil back when I live in Rome.  Sad part is...I haven't been able to find their oil here.  Someday...
    So here's what I'm thinking...see if this floats your sail.
    2014 Soave DOCIt is crystalline in appearance, straw-yellow in color. Quite intense and complex to the nose, there are hints of flowers and fruit such as apple and peach, good minerality. It is a balanced, intense and quite persistent product, of fine quality. Mature in its evolutive stage, it is a harmonious wine. ($17)
    2013 Valpolicella DOC - A limpid, ruby-red wine with glints of purple. Intense, quite complex, it has a fine quality aroma with a heady, fruity and floral overtones.  ($17)
    2011 Valpolicella Ripasso "Campo dei Ciliegi" - A limpid wine, whit an intense red color and garnet nuance. Intensity and complex with a fine quality. Amazingly perceived with the nuances of ripe red fruits, mineral notes and spicy sensations. ($30)
    2010 Amarone della Valpolicella "Campo Leon" - it is clear in appearance, garnet-red in colour with glints of ruby, and consistent in the glass, impenetrable to light. Its bouquet is excellent quality, very intense, complex almost broad. There are numerous perceptions: violets, cheery preserve, fruit in alcohol are among the main aromas, there are overtones of minerals and spice such as vanilla, liquorice and black pepper. During tasting it is dry, warm and supple with good freshness and elegantly tannic and tangy. It is a balanced wine, intense and has an excellent quality of persistency. It has strong body and a ready evolutive stage. This wine possesses an exciting harmony. ($59)
    Plus I'll be bringing out a very special wine from a very special producer in the Veneto.  Some of you might have never heard of him while others might have.  
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