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    NV Ferdinando Principiano DossetThe name “Principiano” appears on the municipality of Serralunga di Alba land register dating back to 1700 dc. Traditionally, the family has always taken care of their plots of land cultivating a mixed agriculture: it was only in 1993 that Ferdinando persuaded his father to convert all family’s holdings into vineyards, focusing on wine production as main activity. It was the era of Barolo’s Renaissance and although Ferdinando started by producing small quantities, the cellar space became too little very quickly.  
    Dosset is Piemontese for Dolcetto; Principiano chose the name because the wine is intended to recall the past, to bring to us, says Ferdinando, the impression “of our grandfathers’ wine. And to remember that my part of Piedmont can also produce wines for every day”. At 10.5% alcohol it’s kind of a miracle; it’s not a simple thing nowadays to make a light wine that also tastes ripe, without green flavors. Dosset is made without sulfur, and drinks fresh and clean – a delicious wine.
    2013 Martilde Bonarda - This 100% Croatina made in all stainless steel is something of a dream.    Around 500 cases made. You don't get much more natural than these wines and this is a traditional producer that you all will come to know.  Very cool nerdy wines.
    2006 Martilde Zaffo BonardaZaffo was Antonella's 18 year old Murgese horse. He has since passed on leaving behind his son Diluvio on the farm. Antonella only makes the wine in exceptional vintages and so we don't see Zaffo very often. The wine is much like Zaffo, the horse, in that it is powerful and complex. Showing dark and deep concentrated wild berry fruit flavors, a savory herb component and rather firm tannin the wine could use a little time to open - but it's so good and so meant to be had with a juicy, meaty piece of beef or game you won't mind the tannins cutting through the fat.
    2012 Godiolo Vino Rosso di Montepulciano - The nose offers aromas of cranberry and cherry, rounded out by notes of leather and earth. The palate is light and bright, with bright red berry flavors flowing into suggestions of leather and dusty earth. This is a wine meant for food, as the proper fare will cut the lingering earthy finish.  
    The Thursday tastings are the tastings that are bit out of the ordinary...for even the biggest wine nerd.  You'll be introduced to wines that might push your palate and mind.  Most of all...these wines will open your eyes to a whole new wine world.
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