• We Welcome Matteo Correggia to Bothell

    Saturday April 2nd at 3pm for Free
    If it's good enough for Ed, then it must be good enough for us to taste right?  Ed is actually holding a bottle of Correggio Roero on stage.  He was drinking it through the show.  
    Saturday the weather looks to be pretty nice but maybe not as nice as the wines I'll be bringing you all.  Five wines from Matteo Correggia that might make you change your religion.  In 2001 we lost Matteo in a tractor accident and just like Matteo, Piedmont’s great producers paid a remarkable tribute to him by assisting his widow Ornella in completing the vintage.  There is also a very special place in my heart for the Correggia wines...when I was tested for my Sommelier diploma (back in 2000) one of the wines that was on my test was a Correggia wine...and I nailed it.  I had not known who the producer was but I knew I wanted to find out.  These wines have made a huge impact on me and watching the family grow up and continue Matteo's legacy...make me shed tears, and think that there is hope for the future when it comes to the younger generation wanting to continue where their fathers and mothers left off.
    Here are the wines of Matteo Correggia...
    2014 Matteo Correggia Roero Arneis100% estate Arneis grown in the sandy soils North of the Tanaro river in the commune of Canale.  In this vastly red region of the Langhe, Arneis is one of the few indigneous white varieties.  Arneis is typically a lower acid grape, but Correggia is generally full of mineral and striking acidity.  I dare you not to love this wine!
    2012 Matteo Correggia Roero Rouge - The high amount of sand and mineral salts in the soils of Roero yield a Nebbiolo wine that's fragant, elegant and delicious.  The Correggia Roero is very pure, clean, expressive and loaded with varietal cherry fruit, spice and fine tannins.  Aged two years in the cellar it is a TREMENDOUS value and a great introduction to this region just north of Alba across the Tanaro river.  The generosity of this wine will be alluring to Pinot Noir drinkers and is fantastic pairing with fish and meats.
    2011 Matteo Correggia Barbera d'Alba - Exemplary of the 2011 vintage for Barbera with sliced plums and citrus fruit. Full body with fresh acidity and a clean finish. Screw cap. Drink now.
    2014 Matteo Correggia Anthos - Share this wine with the person you love. I think that’s about all I have to say about it. Okay, that’s not entirely reasonable, but it’s what immediately comes to mind upon opening this bottle. The Anthos is 100% Brachetto, and while much of Brachetto in the world is off dry or even sweet, and usually fizzy, this one is completely and totally dry, and still. A lush, light-bodied red wine that’s best consumed with a slight chill, the Matteo Correggia Anthos is a bouquet of beautiful, aromatic, delicate flowers in a wine glass. 
    2010 Matteo Correggia Roche d'Ampsej Riserva - The Roero Riserva Roche d'Ampsej is a beautiful nebbiolo and almost it doesn’t need presentations. The cellar Matteo Correggia have accustomed us over the years to high level wines. Its name is synonymous with a guarantee, also thanks to Ornella Costa who now runs the farm with passion and competence. The Roero, of which Roche d'Ampsej is a great ambassador, is brother of the more illustrious nebbiolo grown in the Langhe region. A very close relative who lives on the other side of the river Tanaro of Barolo and Barbaresco, despite it shows very well all the features of this vine "great and mysterious," as Matthew Correggia liked to call it. After 18 months of aging in oak barrels, the Roero Riserva Roche d'Ampsej is bottled and takes the name of the cru Roche d'Ampsej, as the vineyard of nebbiolo with sandy slopes and steep overlooking the typical Roero cliffs. The Roero Riserva Roche d'Ampsej is a wine with a royal character, with delicate fragrance and subtle nuances, as elegant as the great wines of Piedmont can be. A great expression of nebbiolo grapes, a harmonic symphony of hidden and intense notes that is able to fascinate even the most discerning palates.
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