• Pre-Mothers Day Tasting (May 7th at 3pm)

    Mother's Day only comes once a year.  Well, if you really think about it...every day only comes once a year.  Personally, I'm not a real fan of all these holidays where I have to buy flowers and gifts for my Mother.  Don't get me wrong...I love my Mom and all that she's done for me, but I don't need someone telling me to buy her a card that says some sappy crap in it when my Mom knows I'm not like that.  I'll just call her and tell her I love her, and thank her for dealing with all of Dad's crap...being that my father is 59 years old and acts like he's 21.  Nicole has so much to look forward to when I hit that age.  
    But I fully endorse drinking for our wonderful Mothers.  Wine beats flowers and sappy cards any day of the year.
    This wine tasting is for all the Mothers out there, and everyone else who wants to come in and enjoy.  
    NV Ca Vittoria Brut Rosé - Was reminded of the beautiful aromas of a lively Pinot Noir—earthy notes, small red berries, peppery spice—in the perfume of this unique rosé Prosecco. Made with Prosecco grapes with an added touch of Raboso, a native red Veneto varietal that contributes both color and aroma, as well as a bit of structure that also makes this wine an ideal food pair. Bone dry but very full in the mouth, the Ca’Vittoria Brut Rosé shows good, lively acidity and a broad sweep of fruit, strawberries and blood oranges, blends with mineral zest and plenty of citrus on the finish. Captivating and a sure crowd-pleaser!
    2015 Domaine du Dragon Grand Cuvee Cotes de Provence Rosé - Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault and Rolle are the ingredients in this dry, more earth & spice driven Provence Rosé.   Limestone-heavy soils give the wine real “perk.” Direct press (not saignée) for pure, bright fruit throughout.
    NV Teres Antique Vdp Rosé - Teres Antique is a blend of 60% Cinsault, 30% Grenache and 10% Tibouren. Direct pressing and fermentation at cool temperatures for maintaining fresh aromas. Light in color, the wine shows bright fruit flavors with a dry finish.  Tasting this rosé was like a breath of fresh air.  Gone are the days of rosé being sweet and sweeter.  This is so nice and at only $13...can you say "house wine"?
    2014 Le Clos du Caillou Cotes du Rhone VV Cuvee Unique - I mentioned this wine to you last week about how it is right in the middle of Chateaunuf-du-Pape!  I mean...RIGHT in the middle of some major players like Vieux Telegraphe and Chateau Rayas to name a few.  The only reason why this is not a CDP is for the simple fact that the owner did not want to pay more taxes to have the CDP AOC, and was happy with his Cotes-du-Rhone AOC.  When people would come onto his property he would shoot at them with his rifle to scare them off.  So what the AOC did was make the appellation completely around his land!  He has a walled in site and all the way around his property...360° is Chateauneuf-du-Pape!  
    I tasted it and was floored.  You're getting a CDP for $22.  I'm not kidding.  This is the real deal folks.  If I were you...I'd pick up a 6-pack or a case.  Don't make the mistake so many people make each year...I'll tell everyone they should buy a case of something...people think...oh, he just wants to make some quick cash...I'll pass.  People try it and buy two bottles, then six months later I hear...can I get more.  Sorry..it's all sold out.  This is just a warning.  I'm already on the hook for a case for the shop, and two cases for Nicole and I...okay, well, Nicole wants two cases...I'm just her dealer.
    Also, I'll be popping another 2015 French rosé that's only $15 and so good you might give up drinking...the next day cause you drank the whole bottle the night before.
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