• 2016 Rosé & Berto Vermouth on 3/31

    Get Ready For Summer!!!

    We'll be doing a little something different this Friday. I want everyone to taste the new 2016 rosé but also taste this new Vermouth that I have fallen in love with!!! 

    Here's what I'm thinking.

    2016 Ostatu Rosado Rioja Alavesa 
    2016 La Bargemone Cuvee Marina Rose (extremely allocated)

    Then I will make some killer drinks with the new Vermouth we picked up last week.

    Berto Vermouth Aperitiv dla Tradission
    Berto Vermouth Ross da Travaj

    I'll be making everyone some mini-vermouth drink from an old family receipe. Get ready to have your mind blown!!

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    • Donald McMichael says...

      Looking for a white sweet vermouth — Berto would be preferred but a sweet white vermouth out of the piedmont region would be of interest .. open to suggestio

      Thank you for any help you are able to lend

      July 12, 2018

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