• 2017 La Bargemone Cuvee Maria Rosé Release & Friends

    Friday May 25th at 4pm
    Okay people...last year this was one of the most requested rosé in the shop...the only problem was...it went away pretty damn fast. Now thanks to the Euro the price has gone up a few bucks but the quality is the same. No, let me rephrase that...the quality is much better. I know its hard to imagine that but the 2017 vintage has been blowing everyone away and after what I tasted today....I buying big and holding!

    Now, we will also have some daily drinking rosé from the '17 vintage as well but I really want you all to focus on Cuvee Maria because once it's gone...its gone. Stellar rosé but less made.

    If I were you...I'd pick up a six-pack and milk it through the summer. Being that its a 6pack case...you'll get 10% off so that brings the bottle cost down to $31 and change. You can't even buy Tempier at that price. Yes, I mentioned Tempier and Cuvee Maria in the same sentence.

    So here's the shakedown...

    We'll have 5 rosé, 3 that are limited. It's up to you to decide if you want to show up and pick up some amazing rosé before the holiday weekend. The shop will be closed on Saturday and open back up on Thursday. Do you need to stock up? Maybe you should make a trip in?

    See you all Friday
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