• 2017 Rosé is Dropping! on 4/27

    So I was looking at my weather app on my phone and tells me its gonna be around 60° and raining...perfect rosé drinking weather if you ask me. Think about it...it's raining..kinda warm...you're in a pissy mood because of the bullshit traffic in our area but you need a bottle wine for tonight. You come in...kinda pissy and I say...dude, you need to taste some of this rosé!! All of a sudden you're in Provence sipping rosé with friends talking about nonsense.

    So how about those 2017 rosé?

    2017 Domaine de Couron Rosé - Color a very light pinkish-orange. A bright, bountiful bouquet of fresh strawberries and watermelon with notes of citrus zest. Fresh, full-flavored, but light-bodied mélange from light raspberry and watermelon to strawberry.

    2017 Ame du Vin Cotes de Provence Rosé - Âme du Vin (pronounced Ahm-du-VAHN) “Soul of Wine” embodies the sun-drenched beauty of Côtes de Provence with distinctive elegance. Expressive notes of fresh apricot, citrus and jasmine flower delight the senses, yielding an exceptional rosé with balance and length. Enjoy Âme du Vin as an aperitif and with canapés, soft cheeses, white meats and fresh seafood.

    2017 Triennes Rose - This wine has a bouquet of strawberries and white flowers with hints of vanilla. It has the harmony and elegance that has earned world-wide appreciation of the rosés of Provence. Triennes rosé is the perfect accompaniment to a sunny summer afternoon. This wine will seduce you by its freshness and elegance. 70% Cinsault, 25% Grenache, and 5% Merlot

    2017 Chateau Henri Bonnaud Terre Promise Cotes de Provence Rosé - A frank and fruity rose wine with shiny and silver shades. The aromatic profile is fine and delicate with mainly floral aromas and little spicy notes. The mouthfeel is, at the same time, full and smooth. A very well balanced wine with a long finish.

    2017 Chateau des Bertrands Elegance Cotes de Provence Rose - In color, this could be a white wine with just the faintest hint of pink when seen against a white surface. Luckily, the fruit is still there, offering flavors of tangy orange and red currant. It has pepper and spice as well as final refreshing acidity

    Yup...we are tasting some rosé people!!!
    Tasting stats at 4pm
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