• $40 Barolo Challenge on 3/18

    Barolo under $40!
    Saturday the 18th at 3pm
    The king of wines...that's what we will be tasting on Saturday but there will be a little difference with this tasting...all the Barolo's we'll be tasting will be $40 or below I want people to understand that Barolo is an amazing wine yet doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Once open these wines will last for two more days which makes it a great daily drinker.

    Check out what we have planned to pour...

    2012 Bricco Giubellini Barolo

    2012 Veglio Barolo

    2012 Mauro Molino Barolo

    2011 Franco Serra Barolo

    2012 Nada Giuseppe Barolo

    2012 Bricco Giubellini Barolo

    Plus a secret Barolo

    Where and when will you ever taste a collection of Barolo at these prices? Probably never. Do yourself a favor, plan a nice meal for Saturday then come by the shop, taste some Barolo and take a few bottles home. You'll thank me!

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