• 5/20 The 2016 Rosé Action Part III

    5/20 Rosé Action
    So I have the third collection of 2016 rosé that came in last week. These wines are more of the "popular" wines that a lot of you are looking for. Not the Bandol but some more of your daily drinkers and above. There will be a fifth rosé from Domaine de Fonsainte, the Gris de Gris rosé that has become something of a cult-rosé in the last few years. So much that I was only give three cases this year. Funny when you can get more Tempier rosé than a $15 rosé!

    Here's the show...

    2016 Bleu de Mer Rosé
    2016 Chateau Thivin Beaujolais Villages Rosé
    2016 Charles Joguet Chinon Rosé (2 of 10 cases brought in)
    2016 Domaine de Fonsainte Grid de Gris Rosé
    2016 Domaine Santa Giuletta Rosé (Cosrica)
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