• 6/23 Cote Mas Tasting

    Friday the 23rd at 4pm
    I tasted these two wines last week with Katie from Unique. I won't lie...at first I was thinking...WTF are these. One thing I always tell people is to not judge a book by it's cover. I did just that! The labels look kinda cheesy like a marketing person said to the boss (with a French accent), "hey boss, we can sell this to the stupid Americans...they'll love these labels."

    Then I noticed they are actually in 1.0L bottles. Really? I was thinking, great...some more plonk from a winery in France that is trying to get in on the daily drinking market. Than I tasted them...

    Holy shit, the white was good. No, it was pretty good. Damn, it was actually really good for a little daily drinker. Then she poured the red. Crap, it was good as well. Nope, it was the perfect little daily drinker. My god, it was great. Wasn't to big, had some solid fruit, light tannins and a long finish but not over powering. Score another one for Katie!

    So this Friday i'll be tasting two bottles...that's right, just two little bottles of wine.

    The Cote Mas Blanc
    The Cote Mas Rouge

    The rosé will be coming in later and yes...we'll be trying it when it comes in. Best part is...these wines are house wines for Domaines Paul Mas’ restaurant! These are the daily drinkers you've been looking for.

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