• 6/30 We Welcome Nanfro of Sicily w/ Guest to Bothell

    Friday with Nanfro of Sicily
    It's been a little while since we've done a full blown tasting of just wines from Sicily but a really long time since we've had a single producer fro Sicily with a special guest pouring for us!

    In the spirit of hoping everyone will keep their fingers in the upcoming week or so I figure we'd taste some serions wines that you can really get a BANG for your buck. I sometimes feel that Sicily really flies under the radar when it comes to great wines. To be honest...I'm not sure why that is! I lovethe wines from the area and I'm hoping you will as well...check these out!

    2015 Nanfro Frappato - A deep amaranth colored wine, filled with reflections, teases the palate with a memory of red fruits, spicy and sensual. With an enveloping and pleasant aroma, it is a pleasant and solid wine, balanced and classy, ​​exciting and full of personality. Recommended to be paired with the many variations of traditional Italian first courses. Excellent with shellfish and seafood. Try also pairing it with semi-seasoned cheeses and fish.

    2013 Nanfro Insolia Strade - Wine that comes from the oldest indigenous grape of Sicily, rich in history and memories. A nice bright straw yellow with green reflections. Very versatile, cool, dry, balanced acidity and softness. Good drink and good alcohol content. It is distinguished by its fragrant and harmonious aroma and very pleasant personality. Excellent with fish, shellfish, seafood, white meat and fresh cheese.

    2012 Nanfro Nero d'Avola Strade - Brilliant wine, with a strong intense nice red color. Greets the nose with an intense and exciting fragrance of flowers and cherries. Tangy and fresh, it is characterized by longevity, elegance and pleasure. Made in the traditional method in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures, Nero d'Avola brings out all the flavor and aromas of its earth. Perfect for savory and rich dishes, ideal with meat and vegetables.

    2014 Nanfro Sammauro - An ancient wine, whose aroma is rich in historical and cultural memory, linked to the territory and tradition of Caltagirone. IIt is composed of 50% Frappato and 50% of Nero d'Avola grapes, it is an honest, fine, elegant, balanced wine with strong character. Fruity, fresh and fragrant on the palate, it shows a floral bouquet and surprises in terms of its rich taste. Excellent with first courses and ideal for meat, game and medium aged cheeses.
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