• 7/22 Malvira Tasting

    Malvira Tasting at 4pm till 7pm

    We tasted some wines from Malvira way back in the Fall but i've decided you all need a reefresher in Piedmonte wines. Malvira wines are some of Nicole's favorites ans since they just released some new vintages...we're gonna roll the bones on this one!

    St. Guglielmo 2006
    Roero Arneis 2016
    Barbera D'Alba San Michele 2013
    Langhe Favorita 2015
    Roero Arneis Trinita 2014

    These are wiens meant to be consumed now but just because you can enjoy the now...doesn't mean they won't lay down for a bit either. The Arneis is one of my favorites!!!

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