• 7/29 Marc de Grazia Portfolio Tasting w/ 2 special guest

    Holy cheese fries batman do I have a lineup for you all. I think I tasted around 200 wines in the last week just from this portfolio alone and we came up with these wines. Each wine has it's purpose and each wine tells a story.
    For instance...
    2014 Lucingano Chianti Colle Florentini is perfect when you're on match.com, don't want to spend a lot of money on a bottle of wine becasue there's a chances she won't put out! You spend a few bucks on something that taste great, won't cost you an arm and a leg and hope you get lucky that night. Even if you don't knock boots...you still had a badass bottle of wine right?!
    2011 Podere Scopetone Brunello di Montalcino is something of a dream. You've been dating this lady for a while now, things are moving well but you just haven't been slap a bow on the puppy. You break out this Brunello and the only thing she'll be asking you is...what's for breakfast?! At that point you're on your own.

    2013 Le Potazzine Rosso di Montalcino is one of those nights when you wanna feel like a baller yet don't wanna spend like baller. You're brain is thinking steak au poivre but your wallet is saying...calzone! There's nothing wrong with that either. A good calzone can fill you up and make you feel like a champion.

    2013 Silvio Grasso Barbera d’Alba is one of those wines that goes with everything. Doesn't matter if you are on a date from plentyoffish.com or if you and guys are sitting around the table talking trash about eachother. It's actually my go to wine when I have people over and really have no clue what they like. To be honest...if you're a guest in my house...you'll drink what I pour. It's my house.

    2013 Silvio Grasso Barolo DOCG is for those special nights when your honey has had a hard day in the salt mines and just needs to come home to a grilled oyster steak and bottle of Barolo that has been breathing for a few hours. I mean if you're having this bottle of Barolo...take the time to decant and it let it open up a bit. Don't be a heathen.

    2016 Stefano Massone Gavi Masera is on point to let people know...yes I drink white wine but its not that shitty stuff from California. I have class, I'm wine educated and I can tell the difference between a good glass of wine and some plonk at a wedding. This Gavi is like drinking the sparkle from a diamond ring!

    Not only will Katie be here on Saturday to run through the wines with you all, we'll have Stephany Fey from Marc de Grazia to also lend a hand and disscuss the serious juice we are pouring.

    It's gonna be 81° outside so you might as well come to the shop that is known for being colder than a well-diggers ass cause I like my AC and enjoy some wine. It makes sense people.
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