• 8/11 The Pretentious Tasting

    Friday the 11th at 4pm

    You ever have that one friend who thinks they know everything about wine? Maybe they quote points and scores like their palate depends on it. Perhaps they talk about all these wines they have, yet never open them up for you? Want to debate about why using oak is so important, yet never have any information to back up their claim. Well folks I used to be that person. I grew up and decided that wine was meant to be drunk...not scored.

    Since the kids are getting ready to head back to school or everyone is coming back from vacation...this month we'll be doing some great daily drinking. You know, cause you need a reason to drink. It's hot, muggy and Canada has been vaping like it's their job!

    Let's do this!!!

    2016 Labelle Les Terres Basses Cotes de Gascogne Blanc

    2014 Labelle Les Terres Basses Cotes de Gascogne Rouge

    2015 Jean Gardier Les Milleres Cotes du Roussillon Villages Rouge

    2014 Domaine Gardier Muscat de Rivesaltes

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