• Tasting The Wines of Contini, Sardinia

    Saturday the 20th at 3pm-7pm for Free.
    The wines of Sardinia are those of legends yet most of us never really think about them since we hear so little of them.  Okay they are legends within the wine-nerd community but with grapes most of us have never heard of like, Alghero, Tharros & Nurra...Sardinia can be a pleasure palace of wine fun for even the biggest wine nerd or newcomer.  By far the most popular grape to come off the island is Cannonau di Sardegna or also known as Grenache, these wines give off a smokey full-bodied mouthfeel that some of you have come to love.  The best part is you can really find some awesome deals when looking through the Sardinia section.  One of the producers you might come across is Contini.  This Saturday we'll taste through a collection of the Contini wines in hopes to change your mind or open it up to the wines of Sardinia.
    2013 Contini Nieddera Rosso -  Nieddera 85 - 90%, other local red grapes 10-15%.  Goes great with all dishes with red meat, excellent with game and medium-mature cheeses. ($19)

     2014 Contini Karmis Tharros - A blend of Vernaccia & Vermentino.  Great with fish and seafood but is a worthy accompaniment to white meat with light sauces and vegetable stews. Also excellent as an aperitif.  Your new Summer wine? ($19)

    2014 Contini Cannonau "Tonache" - Cannonau 90%, other local red grapes 10%.  Now we are getting into the serious wines. ($12)

    2014 Contini Cannonau "Sartiglia" - Cannonau 90%, other local red grapes 10%.  The perfect accompaniment to barbecued red meat, game and tasty, strong cheeses. ($16)

    2011 Contini Cannonau Riserva "`Inu" - Cannonau 90%, other local red grapes 10%.  It is produced from a selection of the best grapes from the vineyards of Alto Campidano, goes well with great roasts, game and strong tasty cheeses.  ($21)

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