• Friday Night...Get Your Cahors off!

    Friday the 26th from 4-7pm for FREE!
    Everyone knows I love me some Cahors but what you might not know is it was only around 15 years ago when I really started to notice this region.  It was after I had tasted numerous Malbec's from the US, Chile & Argentina that I dove into Malbec from France, more specifically...from Cahors.  That being said we have some awesome news....I'll be pouring you all some real treats on Friday.  Two wines made by one producer who has reached cult-like status even though he has no idea what that is.  Actually...he probably does but doesn't care as most producers in old world countries could give a shit about being a "rock star" producer.  They just wanna be farmers...and we all know I love farmers since I married one.  So check out these little gems...
    This will be a  monster Cahors tasting...
    2013 Chateau La Grave Cahors - Old-world Malbec from its ancestral terroir, a soft, red-fruit wine with delicious raspberry and red cherry, dry brambly tannins and dark-fruit undercurrents, savory notes and a touch of earth. Dangerously easy to drink.  The price is crazy low and once you find out who makes the wine...you'll flip out!  The wine reminds me of being at an Alice in Chains concert when Layne was still on lead vocals.  So much power for so little of a price!
    2013 Clos La Coutale Cahors - "Though inky black, this is not the ferocious Cahors of legend (and fact), but an earthy, accessible wine that will give you a sense of malbec from southwestern France rather than Argentina. What’s the difference? Less soft, sweet fruit, more structure, restraint and nuance. Serve this with fatty meats on a cold, rainy day."~ Eric Asimov, The New York Times.   I actually agree with Eric on his tasting notes and since we tend to get a lot of rain...this should be a staple in your house!  We've been a HUGE supporter of Philippe and his wines.  So much that we sell over a pallet of this wine per year!
    2012 Chateau du Cayrou Cahors - All tank fermented and aged.  Southwestern France appellation known for their wild berry, earth-driven, rustic and “chewy” wines. This Cahors delivers the goods in that respect. Get wild red berries, a jolt of acidity, firm tannins, cracked black and green peppercorns, leather. Clean wine…old world but not “funky.”  This is a pure/clean Cahors where the producer wants nothing more than for you to experience the land he works.  No oak at all and the wines age very well!!!  At one time we had some from the 70s in the shop.  They actually will age the wines then do a late bottling.  Really cool.
    And the treat...
    1983 Chateau de Haute-Serre Cahors - There is an even coating of fruit to the characteristic Château de Haute-Serre silky tannic framework, giving a velvety mouthfeel. Fruit, the finesse of the tannins and its length in the mouth make Château de Haute-Serre one of the rare Cahors that will give pleasure at tasting just as much from its first years in the bottle as after long aging.  Trust me...you'll be in for a treat.  I'll be pouring this wine just to show you how well Cahors can age.  This wine will be on pre-sale and will be in next week.  Special pricing day of the tasting.
    Come hang your Cahors out!
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