• Ball Buster Friday Tasting

    October 28th at 4pm till 7pm
    With the picture I posted it might seem like the wines are just some basic French and Italian wines. One Bordeaux that needs to be tasted to believe...then you find out the price and will flip. A 20-year-old Bordeaux under $20 that is full-bodied...you might need to go back and learn how to sniff, swirl, suck & spit! What about the bottle from Enta that might make you become a believer in wines from Etna?

    Then there is the bottle you don't see. The mystery bottle. The bottle I've been waiting to pull out and just mess with your minds a bit with...

    After the last few weeks of tastings I figured this would be a little break...then I figured...why the hell would I want to do that? Wine is fun. Wine is about figuring out how far to push your palate and most of all...wine brings people together.

    Nicole and I just finsihed the 1995 Chateau Aney and I have to say...slicker than snot on a brass doorknob! It could actually go another 10+ years FO SHO!
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