• Big Bad Barolo Tasting on 8/10

    What a great time to taste some Barolo. It should be nice and hot out and we'll be cracking Barolo. Being that we'll only have one tasting this wee due to Santo being best man at his best friends wedding on Saturday we've decided to throw out a major tasting Friday night for you all.


    Now some might feel that Barolo isn't a "Summer" wine. To them I say...horse shit! Barolo is life...Barolo is for the Summer when you're BBQ is working its hardest and you need a solid red wine that can cut through all that meat and fat...Barolo is you bag!

    Barolo...not just for breakfast anymore.

    2013 GD Vajra Barolo "Albe"
    2013 Luigi Barolo Baudana Serralunga d'Alba
    2102 Domenico Clerico Barolo
    2011 Silvio Grasso Barolo "Turne"
    2013 Fratelli Revello Barolo
    2013 Bricco Giubellini Barolo
    2013 M. Marengo Barolo

    As you can see people...I'm not screwing around here. Barolo is now and it's time you sucked in some of that sweet juice nicknamed the King of Wines!
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