• Boeri Tasting in Remembrance of Dr. Ness On Feb 25th

    February 25th from 3-7pm
    The start of the year brought tears to our little wine shop.  I received an email that one of our dearest customers had passed away.  A few day's before the passing of Dr. Ness,  Earl and I were having coffee and discussing the upcoming trip to Piedmont.  Wine was the focus of most of our conversations but as usual it would often trail off to cars, fishing and sorts.  He would always pull me aside during tastings and ask little question about the wines that nobody else was asking.  It was great for me because I found a friend who would listen to the useless wine information in my head but also because we had so many interest in common.  One wine region that he loved was Piedmont but like Nicole and I, he was a fan of the one of the wineries we'll be spending lots of time with while we are there...Boeri!
    This tasting is about the wines of Boeri but it's also a way for Earl's friends and family to talk and remember the guy who was known to so many as an..."all around nice guy!"  He was.
    Here's what we'll be tasting for Dr. Earl Ness...
    2015 Boeri Tube Vino Bianco
    2014 Boeri Tube Barbera DOC
    2009 Boeri Porlpa Barbera d'Asti Superiore DOCG
    2004 Boeri Parbolo Monferrato Rosso DOC
    2009 Boeri Martinette Barbera d'Asti DCOG
    2007 Boeri 'Noto' Monferrato Rosso DOC
    2014 Boeri Ribota Moscato d'Asti DOCG
    I'd love for everyone to come down, meet Earl's family, taste some awesome wines and learn a little about the Piedmonte trip that upcoming in October.  Marcia our importer will be her to talk about the wines and discuss what we'll be doing on the trip to Italy.  Earl may be walking the vineyards of Piedmonte already but when we all get there...there will be a glass of Barolo at the end of the table...that's Earl's glass!
    We'll see you here.
    Santo & Nicole
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