• Bothell Welcomes Lyrarkis of Greece w/ Special Guest (12/1)

    Tasting starts at 4pm
    Let me start off by saying, I've never been a big fan of wines from Greece. There I said it or typed it. That all changed when Steven came in and tasted me on his wines he imports. A mop was needed as my mind was blown! I've tasted well over one hundred wines from Greece and these wines are the cream of the crop. Now I'd love to go into great detail about what I smelled and tasted but honestly...I want you all to experience these suckers for yourself and have you come up with your own thoughts.

    Here they are...

    2016 Lyrarakis Legacy White
    2014 Lyrarakis Legacy Red
    2016 Lyrarakis Vidiano Okaed White (Not a Napa butter bomb)
    2016 Lyrarakis Dafni Psarades
    2014 Lyrarakis Mandilari Plakoura

    Being able to pronounce them and spell them sucks but the wines are truly badd-ass. Turn on some James Brown and we'll have a killer tasting.
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