• Cahors Tasting on Friday the 29th

    Friday at 4pm
    I cannot believe it has been over a full year since we've held our Cahors tasting. We really need to keep up with the times. I tend to not use the name of the grape, Malbec as I prefer to just spout off the region, Cahors as this is where Malbec is from. Having been planted in Cahors since the middle ages, Malbec wasn't introduced to Argentina till around the mid-1800s yet is better known in the new world like the US. I blame marketing and the lack of wine merchants doing their own research.

    On that note...I'll be popping a few different Cahors this Friday as it appears that it will be raining and I just wanna drink some Cahors. I mean, we should never need an excuse to drink Cahors but not having a tasting at the shop in over a year...that's just blasphemy!

    Here's how the tasting will go...

    2017 Domaine La Bérangeraie, Cahors Rosé (please not I only have 6 bottles of this as it's been a hot item and it's only $13)

    2015 Domaine La Bérangeraie, Cahors Cuvée Maurin

    2015 Clos La Coutale, Cahors

    2012 Chateau du Cayrou, Cahors

    2012 Chateau du Cayrou La Tour, Cahors

    2012 Clos du Gamot, Cahors

    Four producers, three are new to the shop...or we've had in the past but most of you have not had in a very long time.
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