• Catherine & Pierre Breton Tasting w/ Special Guest! 10/5

    Last Summer Sommelier Owen Thayer and his wife took a trip to France to talk to some producers. One of the producers they stopped off and chatted with was Pierre Breton, Catherine was not home. Although I have tasted several times with Catherine I have never met Pierre so it was good to talk with Owen about his visit. Pierre cracked open several rare bottles that most of us have never tried...until this Friday!!!

    We'll be tasting some wines just pulled from Catherine & Pierre's cellar. You don't want to miss this Cab Franc action.

    2013 C&P Breton Bourgueil Dilettante
    2015 C&P Breton Bourgueil Trinch
    1993 C&P Breton Bourgueil Les Perrieres
    2015 C&P Breton Bourgueil Les Galiche
    2014 C&P Breton Vouvray Dilettante

    As you can see...we are talking some serious juice here. There will also be a special bottle of 2005 C&P Breton Chinon Beaumont

    There will be a $5 tasting fee for this tasting
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