• Daily Double Tasting on 12/9

    December 9th at 4pm
    It's pretty simple folks...I love solid wines that are easy on the wallet but taste like a $50 bottle. This tasting is about one thing and one thing only...making sure you have those daily drinkers in the house for when guest come over or when you just need a solid bottle for a Wednesday dinner.

    2015 Chapoutier Les Vignes de Bila-Haut Rouge $13 - Deep garnet red. Aromas of black cherry. This wine is fleshy, well-structured with the warm and savage of soils of the Roussillon area. **also...when you buy a case..it comes in a wood box!

    2013 San Felice Chianti Classico $15 - A sparkling ruby, this wine offers complex, long-lingering aromas, with nuances of dark cherry, raspberry and sweet violets. Appealingly dry and medium-bodied, it is smooth, rounded, and well balanced. Overall, its judicious structure, elegant fragrances, and savory palate make this a delectable experience. This wine is all MAN!

    2012 Chateau d'Arvigny Haut-Medoc $13 - A soft, supple, fruit forward styled Haut-Médoc. Red berries, soft tannins and low acidity make the wine smooth and elegant thus a good ambassador for an appellation. Food Pairing: This wine will perfectly accompany flavorful (red or white) meat dishes such as rib-eye steak, porterhouse steak, sirloin steak, T-bone steak ... It is also a classic match with lamb dishes (baby lamb chops, roasted leg of lamb...). Also harmonious with most cheeses like Gruyère, Comté, Cantal, Reblochon, Beaufort … (avoid Roquefort and arguably Camembert). And of course, will also easily and gracefully accompany more simpler dishes like pizza and/or most barbecued foods.

    2014 Vignale di Cecilia Covolo $17 - All you need to know is that this wine is so full-bodied...you might need a mop after it blows your mind!

    Royal Porto Tawny Port $18 - This is what my wife and I drink at home after dinner and with friends. Perfect with a med-bodied cigar, great for after dinner or hell...spice your life up a bit and bring it into the bedroom after the kids go to bed. You were crazy once...maybe it's time to bring back Frank the Tank?!
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