• Domaine La Sang des Cailloux of Vacqueyras w/ Special Guest 1/7

    January 7th at 3pm
    This is a very special tasting for the wine shop. Several months ago (last year) a few of you were lucky enough to taste these wines with the winemaker & owner, Serge Férigoule. Him and his son were in town with another producer (who's wines we'll get into later). The wines were showing so well and those of you that tasted fell in love with them so fast we actually took everything they had in the warehouse...then we were told that another shop wanted some after we secured them all. I offered to "go to the mattresses" with the other shop as I'll fight for my peeps! In the end we took most of it but had to lay down a few rules for when wine people come into the shop and taste you all on wines. It wasn't Serge's fault, the importer just had bad inventory amount.

    Well now we have some new wines of his in town and I think it's time we rip into these before anyone else knows what hit them!  

    One glimpse of Serge Férigoule’s barbell moustache might be enough for one to be completely enamored with the wines of Le Sang des Cailloux, although they also speak remarkably well for themselves. This domaine’s name means “the blood of the stones,” and Serge Férigoule is most certainly the heart that links the two together. In 1974, Serge left winemaking school with a longing to return to the vineyards. He went to work for Monsieur Ricard’s family in 1979 to oversee the vineyards. Without anyone in his family to succeed him, Ricard decided to gamble by partnering with Serge in 1982. In 1990, after Monsieur Ricard’s retirement, Serge launched Le Sang des Cailloux. Vacqueyras had just been awarded an A.O.C. that same year, a timely twist of fate that helped Serge’s wines to become as celebrated as they deserve.

    All of Serge’s seventeen hectares rest on the great Plateau des Garrigues, where red clay, limestone, and the famous galets roulés, or rounded stones, impart a terrific intensity and depth to the wines. Given the aridity of the soil, the vines here are naturally prone to lower yields—this gives the wines their concentration and power. That Serge has been farming organically for years but has never sought certification says something about his philosophy. He is not looking to impress; only to make the best wines he possibly can. Serge is also sentimental—each year, the Cuvée Traditionnelle of Le Sang des Cailloux is named for one of his daughters, Floureto, Doucinello and Azalaïs. The “Vieilles Vignes” is also called “Lopy,” named for his hometown. His wines have everything we love about the Rhône – wild and chewy with great notes of leather, spicy garrigue, and smoky, black fruit. -Kermit Lynch

    2014 Domaine Le Sang des Cailloux "Un Dang Blanc" Vacqueyras
    2011 Domaine Le Sang des Cailloux "Cuvée Lopy" Vacqueyras Rouge 
    2014 Domaine Le Sang des Cailloux "Cuvee Doucinello" Vacqueyras Rouge
    2014 Domaine Le Sang des Cailloux "Cuvée Doucinello" Vacqueyras Rouge 
    2013 Dmaine Le Sang des Cailloux "Cuvée Floureto" Vacqueyras Rouge
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