• Felix Bampi of Peter Dipoli & Davide Vignato of the Veneto

    Friday the 7th at 4pm till 7pm

    We were very luck to snag Felix Bampi, the nephew of Peter Dipoli from the Alto Adige who will be pouring his uncles wines. Then as an added bonus, we'll have the Kermit Lynch Rep for the North West will also be pouring the wines from Davide Vignato of the Veneto.

    Davide Vigntao 2013 Gambellara Classico 'El Gian'

    Davide Vignato 2010 Spumante 'Cuvée Vignato'

    Dipoli Iugum Rosso 2011

    Dipoli Sauvignon Voglar 2014

    This is a pretty serious tasting for a Friday but then again...our shop is in Bothell and we are ahead of the times.

    Come check out these new producers just added to the Kermit Lynch Portfolio. Get ready to have your palate pushed to the edge.

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