• Gerardo Cesari Tasting with Mark Stotland on 10/13


    Since 1936 Gerardo Cesari has been making a name for himself, now we have these wines that are truly amazing and mind-blowing. Wanna tasting them? Mark Stotland with The Opici Group will be on hand to pour wines and talk to us about each one. This means I can also answer question and taste along with you all.

    Here's the vino from Verona Mark is pouring for us.

    2017 Cesari Cento Filari
    2015 Cesari Mara Valpol Ripasso
    2017 Due Torri Pinot Noir
    2012 Cesari Jema
    2013 Cesari Amarone

    Think of the upcoming holidays and the wines you'll be needing for those...if you can wait that long!!!


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