• Little Loire Valley Party

    Saturday the 13th at 4pm
    $5 but free for members
    This Saturday we are taking a step into the land of the Loire. Lately we've been looking at these big baller red wines and or whites with some serious body...but now...let's take a walk into some elegant medium-bodied wines that make you sit back, relax and forget about the holidays for awhile.

    Katie the Great will be here to pour the wines that we believe will make your meals better, your conversations more interesting and most of all...you'll be flat-out cooler!

    2013 Chateau de la Melonnière Savennieres
    2015 Saget La Perriere "Marie de Beauregard" Vouvray
    2015 Saget La Perriere "Marie de Beauregard" Chinon
    2016 Domaine Audebert et Fils Bourgueil
    2015 Domaine Pierre Sourdais "Tradition" Chinon

    As you can see...Katie is pushing you palate to the limit. I doubt most of you will even be able to hang with the wines we've picked out. You should probably just stay home, have some milk and cookies...Or you could step up to the plate and find something new. Each wine received 100points!!
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