• Marziano Abbona Comes to Bothell on 1/26

    Tasting starts at 4pm
    $5 per person, free for club members.
    Last week I told a bunch of you about these wines I tasted and how they just blew me away. Well...This Friday is the day peeps!!! The last few months I've been tasting a lot of wines coming out of Piedmont and for the money...they are it.

    This is the first time that the public has had a chance to taste these wines in our area and I've really excited to bring them to you. The white wine alone will just make you smile. Then there is a Nebbiolo that can age for 10 years plus the Barolo! I'm going to start easy on you guys them we'll get into the meat and potatoes for the next tasting.

    Marziano Abbona, Cinerino Langhe Bianco
    Marziano Abbona, Casaret Langhe Barbera
    Marziano Abbona, Garombello Langhe Nebbiolo
    Marziano Abbona, San Luigi Dogliani
    Marziano Abbona, Papa Celso Dogliani

    If you don't think you're up for the challenge...I'm sure there is a winery around town that will let you drink your sorrows away.
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