• Pre-Easter Tasting on 3/31

    Tasting on Saturday the 31st at 4pm
    It's Pre-Easter tasting time folks so I'm busting out some serious juice for you to pair up with whatever you have going on.

    Also...I'll be breaking out some crackers and some 4-year old cheddar cheese that can only be found in our shop!

    Here's dirty details on the wine...

    2016 Terlano Terlaner Classico - Most of you have never tried this white wine from the Alto Adige let alone tried the grape. Trust me...when I tried it last week or so, I was floored!

    2016 Quintarelli Secco Ca' del Merlo Bianco - So a few of you might have tried this awesome wines from the Veneto but if you've ever been stumped on what to serve with your meal...pop this wine and it will change the way you look at white wines. We only received 5 cases in the state for 2018...I've already purchases 3 of them and will probably take another. You think it's good?

    2011 Chateau La Tour Carnet Haut-Medoc - Being a stones throw away from Chateau Beychevelle, this amazing little Grand Cru Classe is part of the 1855 classification. A small group of estates that hold distinction for being great. At $43 a bottle, the 2011 is the sleeper of the vintage. I love this wine. That's why I bought everything we had in the state.

    2011 Gianni Brunello Brunello di Montalcino - It's been less than a month since this Brunello has hit our shelves but no more than 10 of you have tried it and being that it is one of the finest Brunello's I've tried from the 2011 vintage...why the hell not?

    20XX Secret Wine - It's from Italy...could be a white wine or it could be a red wine. This is why it called a secret.
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