• Pre-Fathers Day Tasting June 18th

    June 18th from 3pm to 7pm
    It's time you give Dad a little something back. He paid for college, has picked up your tab a few times. Didn't tell mom about the time he found you in the front yard passed out and most of all...he gave you life. Pretty sure a little wine tasting with the old man might lift his spirits.

    Maybe you're a new father and the little shit machine doesn't carry any cash, or you're about to be a dad and you need to find some of "grandpa's cough medicine"?  

    Perhaps you don't have any kids, but you have a dog or a cat. Who cleans up after them and takes them in to get all their shots, picks up their crap at the park, or my favorite...you get to wake up at 2am when you hear the cat hacking up yet another hairball.

    Either way...in some way...you are a father. It's your time to be a Dad. We'll have some Skynyrd on the box, and some port in your glass.

    So here's what I'm thinking...

    Broadbent Madeira 5 Years Old - Don't let the young age of this stuff fool you!!! I'm willing to bet all of you will buy a bottle!

    2005 Statement Colheita Tawny Port

    2015 La Bastide Blanche Bandol Rosé - I mean when you're talking about Dad, you're talking about power...and nothing says power like a nice Bandol Rosé!

    2009 Boeri Porlapa Barbera d' Asti - This wine is so HUGE and full-bodied...I might need to get a note from your parents before I allow you to taste it!

    2004 Boeri Parbolo - Cause you can never have too much Boeri in the house. This wine is new to you all but I've had it several times. Matter of fact, Nicole and I have a case or two in our stash. If you want epic juice...you might want this. If you want just okay juice...I'm sure other wine shops can sell you that.
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