• Ramos Pinto Port Tasting w/ Owen on May 11th

    Ramos Pinto Tasting w/ Owen on May 11th at 4pm
    I know it's an odd time to do a Port tasting but while they are still stuck on my palate I figured I'd make sure you all got the chance to taste as well. Ramos Pinto has been around since 1880 so you can bet your sweet tushy they know what they are doing. Last week Owen stopped by with them and they were life-changing! Hell, add some of our Fran's chocolates to the mix and you just found the perfect gift for mom!

    Here's what Owen has conjured up for you all. And get this...if you buy a bottle of 30 yr old tawny...I'll kick in a free 3 pack of smoked caramels.

    Ramos Pinto Lagrima Port - A rich straw yellow, this luscious wine has wonderful floral/fruity aromas. In the mouth ripe fruit and a glycerin texture end in a soft, honeyed finish. We'll be making mini spritzers with this one!

    Ramos Pinto 10 Year Tawny Ervamoira - This tawny is a blend with an average age of 10 years. We are now entering the complex world of an aged tawny. Its brick-red, even golden shades transport us to the Orient of spices, piquant and exotic aromas, with all its mysteries. This is where the magical path towards the 20 Years and the 30 Years begins. Its body and its richness of flavour transport us to the place where it was created. It is in this mystical, biblical landscape that this wine is extracted from the schist, from the silence, for our delight.

    Ramos Pinto Fine Ruby Port - The Ramos-Pinto Ruby has a much denser, redder color than the Tawny. A cornucopia of aromas greet the nose: cherry, blackberry, plum, and raspberry. In the mouth it is fresh, vibrant and fruity; its attack is much more voluminous than the Tawny's, due to its youthfulness. The finish is persistent and aromatic, leaving the opulent fruit flavors reverberating on the palate.

    Ramos Pinto Porto Tawny Superior - The Ramos-Pinto Superior Tawny is a deep brick-red color gained from its extended sojourn in oak. Intense fruit aromas greet the nose, with full secondary aromas evident. The first impression is light and hot, evolving into a rich smoothness gained from wood aging. Ready to drink upon release, this is a well-matured port, fruity, with a fine flavored, dry finish.

    Ramos Pinto 20 Year Tawny Quinta do Bom Retiro - This wine has a tawny color with a yellow halo that signifies an advanced stage of maturity. This is the genuine color of a 20-year-old cask-aged wine. It has a warm red color with a slight orange tone at the bottom of the glass. There is a lively aroma with a velvety texture. The aromas include those of fruit (grapefruit, apricot, almond, hazelnut and cocoa bean); wood (vanilla, old Port wine casks and phenol), roasted aromas such as cinnamon, caramel and coffee; and ethereal aromas of stearin and iodine. Smooth and dry in the mouth, the wine is complemented by a rich and generous persistence of flavor. It has a fine and delicious attack. The elegance of the first contact with the palate is maintained through a complex sequence of ripe and dried fruits and nuts in a fresh and licorice-like harmony.

    Ramos Pinto 30 Year Tawny - The Ramos-Pinto 30-Year old Tawny is amber colored with orange and garnet tones. The delicate green highlights of the meniscus are characteristic of old cask-aged wines, and illustrate the quality and advanced age of this fine port. This complex, perfectly balanced port shows rich aromas of dried fruit and vanilla. Agitate the glass and spice aromas of cinnamon and cocoa are liberated. In the mouth, the attack is fresh, fine and delicate. Ripe, dried fruit softly merges with almond and hazelnut, culminating in vanilla flavors which linger gracefully on the palate.

    You better be bringing you A-game people!!!
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