• Such a sweet tasting on 3/17

    Tasting on Friday the 17th at 4pm
    This Friday we will be diving into the nectar of the gods....sweet wines! Now before you get your panties stuck near the dark side of the moon, let me explain why we are doing this.  

    Sweet wines get such a bad rap cause they are cloeing sweet, well there is si much more to a decent sweet wine than just sugar. Acidty, struture, balalnce and how it can pair up with tons of foods.

    Now there are only a few wines in this tasting that are cavity sweet, the rest are just semi-sweet that are truly works of art. Come by and check out what we have for your palate!

    Chateau de Pena Muscat de Rivesalties NV
    2011 Chateau Loupiac-Gaudiet
    Patrick Bottex La Cueille Bugey-Cerdon NV
    2005 Statement Colheita Tawny
    Chateau d'Orignac Pineau des Charentes
    Plus a secret weapon!!!
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