• Tasting some rarities on 12/9

    Tasting is from 1pm to 4pm

    This Saturday's tasting time will be from 1-4pm. I figured it was time for all of you to taste some rarities that are not always around. These wines make people smile, bring out the kid in all of us and most of all...are just different...

    Your palate will thank you and your friends will envious!

    Ratafia de Champagne - Ratafia de Champagne liqueur is made from 100% Champagne grapes but rather than being harvested early, like those used for sparkling wines, the grapes are allowed to ripen to full maturity. They are then left to dry out for several months over winter, rehydrated and fermented in the springtime. It is aged for at least 4 years before being bottled.

    2011 Chateau Loupiac Gaudiet - This vintage delivers a beautiful gold color with notes of passion fruit, dry apricots and honey. The taste is a delicious combination of crispness and fresh fruit.

    G.D. Vajra Barolo Chinato - As Ceri Smith of San Francisco's Biondivino Wine Boutique describes it, Barolo Chinato is "like a smooth, dark, but balanced earthy wine. Dense, without being heavy; strong, without being sharp. It has beautiful Chinese herbal medicinal notes of spices running through....Depending on the producer, different herbs jump out at different times. It starts off with bitter orange notes, then subtle cinnamon spice."

    Trust me when I say...your palate will love the juiciness of these wines.

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