• Thursday Tasting w/ Cinzia Sommariva & new Kermit Lynch Rep on 6/14

    Thursday the 14th at 4pm
    In our shop one name stands out in the Prosecco area...Sommariva. This Thursday...Yes you read that correctly...Thursday the 14th, we'll be having two special guest and Owen in the shop for some Prosecco and Kermit Lynch portfolio tasting. Now I've been told to keep this on the Down Low since Sommariva only makes two wines but let's face it...The two Proseeco they produce are pretty serious and their prices are outstanding.

    The best part is we'll have the producer and daughter of the estate, Cinzia Sommariva, in the shop talking to us about her families Prosecco. Nicole and I have the Brut at least once per week. The rosé is just as good!

    We'll also have the new Kermit Lynch Rep for our area in tow and he'll be pouring some KL wines plus Owen will be here to make sure everyone stays professional and sips Prosecco and wine with their pinky up in the air.

    Gonna be some serious juice flowing as the new rep wants to show us what samples he can pull for us. Plus, you can pick up a bottle or two for dad. He'll think it's $50 when ou only have to spend $15
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