• Welcome Enzo w/ Decugnano dei Barbi to Bothell

    Saturday at 4pm



    Enzo will be taking us through the wines of Decegnano dei Barbi. Here are the wines, I'll write more in a few days.

    2016 Orvieto Classico "Villa Barbi"
    2016 Orvieto Classico Superiore "Mare Antico"
    2015 Rosso "Villa Barbi"
    2015 Rosso "A.D. 1212"

    Rather than have to read a bunch of fancy words and tasting notes compiled by me just do yourself a favor and come down to the tasting on Saturday. I can describe the wines to you with cool descriptions but I'd rather read your facial expression when the wines blow your mind! I mean really people...when was the last time I had someone pour only four wines at a tasting? Four wines only...you know they're gonna be good!

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